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Suitcase Fusion 2 for WindowsI’m excited to see Suitcase Fusion 2 for Windows come out as the second new Extensis font management product since I joined the company back in April. After all, it was almost two years ago that I wrote about how and why “Windows font management has sucked” for my Adobe blog.

The main thing is that finally, the Windows version of Extensis’ flagship font management application has parity with the Mac version. That’s huge, and the list of features is as long as your arm. The one feature I still can’t get over is the tear-off previews (check it out here, or see the Quicktime version).

Now, if you want to get picky, there are a tiny handful of differences between the Mac and Windows versions of the application, mostly related to differences between the operating system capabilities themselves. There are a couple of things the Mac version has which are lacking on the Windows version (export fonts by dragging to the desktop, and instantly activate with over-rides by dragging fonts onto the Dock icon), and there are a couple of things the Windows version has that the Mac version does not yet have (auto-activation plug-ins for CS2 apps in addition to CS3 and 4, recognizes and previews .TTC fonts in the system fonts folder). But it really is the same application for two different platforms, with general overall feature parity.

I’ve occasionally heard complaints about the stability/reliability of (older versions of) Suitcase. I’ll say right now that I take quality very seriously, and I am not going to ship a product I expect to be embarrassed by. I feel very lucky in that the underlying code for the Suitcase Fusion 2 products is shared with the Universal Type Server product line. This code was written from scratch a couple of years ago, to be stable and scalable enough for a client/server environment. Now we’ve had two versions of Universal Type Server out the door, so that code is fairly mature… without being antique.

In other news, with Windows 7 just around the corner, you might be wondering what the chances are that the app will run properly on Windows 7? After all, font management hooks into the operating system at a pretty low level, and there is new font-related functionality in Windows 7.

Well, since Windows 7 isn’t shipping to end users yet, we don’t list it as a supported operating system. But we (okay, actually Clint—thanks, man!) did a lot of testing on Windows 7, including on the version that went GM and is supposed to ship. We did just as much testing on Windows 7 as on Vista, in fact! We didn’t find any issues specific to Windows 7 that were left un-fixed, either. So unless something quite surprising happens, we’ll add “Windows 7” to the list of supporting operating systems when it ships.

Anyway, I’ve been running Suitcase Fusion 2 for Windows on a day-to-day basis for weeks now on my laptop, and I’m very happy with it. I hope you enjoy it, too. You can try out the Windows or Mac version for free for up to 30 days, so why not give it a whirl?


12 comments on “Why Suitcase Fusion 2 for Windows is Cool

  1. Thomas

    Is there any possibility that Extensis will have educational pricing for Suitcase? (or could I just not find it on the web page?) I hope to start a new graphics program, using both Mac and PC platforms, in about two years, and I’d love to be able to teach font management to the students (who would then expect to use those tools in real life when they graduate.)

    Of course, every dollar of cost for “non essential” software is micromanaged in the schools these days, and even moreso for new programs. Educational pricing would really help me make a case for using Suitcase.


  2. Short answer is yes, just not on the webstore. Contact customer service for details via our main website.

  3. There seems to be no mention of Suitcase 11 on the website any more. Have you given up on it? Are there no more updates? Will it still work with Windows 7 or will I have to upgrade?


  4. Dave,

    Suitcase 11 has been replaced by Suitcase Fusion 2 (v13). Although Suitcase Fusion 2 is still quite new, Suitcase 11 had not been updated in a very long time now.

    We haven’t tested Suitcase 11 with Windows 7, and don’t currently plan such testing. However, Suitcase 11 works fine with 32-bit versions of Windows Vista. Given the general similarities and what we’ve seen with our other font management products, I would SUSPECT that Suitcase 11 will work fine on 32-bit versions of Windows 7. No promises though, as it hasn’t been tested and it’s not officially supported.

    Of course, you might consider trying Suitcase Fusion 2, as there is a free trial available, you can get upgrade pricing from Suitcase 11, it works with Windows 7, and it is light-years beyond v11, honestly.

    Otherwise, good luck with v11 on Windows 7, and let us know how it goes!


  5. Roger:

    Suitcase Fusion 2 for Windows (v13) installs fine on Windows 7, and is fully supported on that operating system.

    Suitcase for Windows (v11) reportedly installs on Windows 7 and appears to work, but Extensis has not tested that combination and does not support it.



  6. I have used Suitcase 11 Windows up until now. Installed in on the new released Windows 7 (clean install). Suitcase was causing me to lose internet connection after every restart. Guess I need to upgrade.

  7. I have a ton of fonts over 40k that I have collecetd throughout the years. Adding fonts to my library kept causing SF2 to crash while running Windows 7, i7, and 8G ram, (fresh install on a brand new computer… even my laptop struggles core 2 duo, 4G) On top of that, I kept getting sluggish performance and random crashes. Definitely SF2 is no where near the prowress that it has on Macs. I cannot wiat for them to clean out some of these general bugs. Works fine with CS4 though.

  8. What is the best way to learn to use Suitcase Fusion 3 with Windows 7? Most of the videos/tutorials are for older versions, for the Mac, or links to them are broken.

    Since this software is so powerful, some of the documentation I have found is overwhelming and more advanced than I need (at this point).

    I consider myself a quick learner, but am having difficulty figuring out where to start.

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