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Today we released an update to our flagship font manager, Suitcase Fusion 5 (v16.2). Free to current Suitcase Fusion 5 users, this update can be also be test driven by downloading a free 30-day demo.



This update includes a brand new “Fontspiration” panel that periodically update with new and interesting uses of typography, font specimens and other creative ideas. Linking off to detailed images on Pinterest, items included are part of a massive treasure trove of creative inspiration, curated by the font nerds at Extensis.



When you need to quickly see how fonts look in-action, side by side with other font selections, QuickComp is the tool to use. In seconds you can have a mockup of a sample project that allows you to select just the right fonts for the project. This release doubles the number of QuickComp templates to 26, making it easier to find find the right template that suits your needs.

Double the number of QuickComp templates



4 comments on “Suitcase Fusion 5 Adds Fontspiration and Double the QuickComp

  1. Thank you for the update. Can you please make it so WebINK doesn’t use a dialogue that needs conformation (needs you to click OK) when it looses a network connection. Have it provide an alert notice on it’s icon and then have it continue to try to reconnect. On a MacBook it is very unnecessary (annoying) to have to click OK every time I open my MacBook at a new location or just open the lid when its been closed overnight.

    I like the Fontspiration and other features features, and the email notification of updates.


  2. The Fontspiration ” feature” gives me pause. Because it looks like a complicated feature that will take up screen real estate and tax my Mac’s system. As a designer who sees a lot of font usage everywhere, the last thing I want is to be “inspired” while I use what I thought was my primary font management tool. Not an attempt by Extensis to monetize it with links. I seriously hope this “feature” is optional and can be turned off, otherwise I very likely may be forced to not use Suitcase Fusion anymore. Which would be a loss. No kidding.

  3. Hi David,

    Fontspiration is entirely an optional feature. You don’t need to open the tab if you don’t want to see what’s in there. It will not “tax your system” as it’s an HTML pane that is only loaded if/when opened.

    We hope that you find some of the pane’s contents interesting and maybe give you new creative ideas. We’ve received very positive feedback on this new feature from other users.

    Thanks for your comments.


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