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I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Digital Asset Management, or DAM. But many business still face uncertainties about what DAM is exactly, how will it help their business, and where to even get started.

Digital Asset Management Toolkit

Well, say goodbye to all your unanswered questions! Today we’re releasing a new DAM Toolkit, designed to guide companies from early stages of Digital Asset Management exploration to best practices for implementation and rollout.

With the new Digital Asset Management Toolkit, you can:

  • Become educated on DAM and its benefits
  • Determine if you need DAM
  • Calculate the ROI of a DAM solution, specific to your organization
  • Create a strategy for selecting a system
  • Develop criteria for evaluating solutions
  • Prepare for a smooth and successful implementation
  • Learn best practices for workflow definition & mapping, asset naming conventions, metadata schemas, and more
  • Maximize your DAM system

You can start using the DAM Toolkit today by clicking here.

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