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We’re happy to announce that Thomas Phinney has accepted a position at Extensis as our new Senior Product Manager for Font Solutions.

thomas phinney, senior product manager of font products at ExtensisThomas will be overseeing the development of our Font Management product line, which includes Universal Type Server™ and Suitcase Fusion™.

Thomas brings more than 10 years of typography and font handling expertise from Adobe® Systems. He has long been involved in the technical, design, historical, forensic and business aspects of fonts, and is an expert on font-related workflows in graphic and web design, and printing. Prior to joining Adobe, he developed the font classification system for Font Reserve, which is still used in Suitcase Fusion 2. He is widely recognized as a leader in the typography space, speaking frequently at events on the topics of typographic design and font handling.

We are very happy to have him join the Extensis team. Welcome Thomas!

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One comment on “Extensis welcomes Thomas Phinney

  1. Hi Tom,

    Is it true that Adobe Type 1 fonts are becoming obsolete? Currently we use Framemaker 8 to produce large training manuals using all Type 1 fonts, and whenever we try to substitute Open Type fonts, the Distiller pulls the Type 1 fonts anyway, even when they don’t seem to be installed on the system. Much of what we’ve read indicates that some of the newer applications (Framemaker 9, for instance) won’t even recognize Type 1 fonts. Should we be preparing for a non-Type 1 font future?


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