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Today is a proud day at Extensis as we celebrate 20 years serving the global creative Extensis-20thAnniversary-Logo-20130719-01community. We set out in 1993 with the goal of removing the barriers that get in the way of creativity. This mission started with focus on core Apple enthusiasts using Adobe and Quark products, many involved in the creative, print, and publishing industries.

Since that time, the global creative community has widened and numbers of fonts used and assets created skyrocketed! Did you know that Extensis products activate 60 million fonts daily- that’s just crazy! And with the overall number of digital files in the quadrillions, there’s not been a more important time for font management and digital asset management tools to streamline processes so creativity can flourish.

So today, we not only toast our platinum anniversary, but we thank our customers and partners around the globe for helping us achieve our mission.

We’ll be celebrating all week, so stay tuned for more!


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