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Today we published a script that generates a report of the font metadata in your Suitcase Fusion 3 database, and places it in a CSV file.

The script was developed to help organizations assess all of the fonts in use on their workflow, when they may have one or more copies of Suitcase Fusion 3 running in their workgroup. This can be especially handy if you are looking to become more aware of your organization’s font compliance.

This script has been used to assess fonts in workflows to ensure that all of the proper fonts were appropriately licensed when moving to a server-based font solution, such as Universal Type Server.

The CSV file that is generated by the script can be opened by any common spreadsheet applications, including Microsoft Excel,, etc. and then used for font file analysis.

Download the script, including full instructions for use here.

NOTE: This script was developed for use with Suitcase Fusion 3 on Mac OS X only. The script was developed purely as a convenience to our users, and its use is not supported by our technical support team. Even so, we hope that you’ll find it useful.

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