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Is your font collection getting so overgrown and spread out that you can’t find what you’re looking for? Organizing thousands of fonts in folders on your hard drive can be tedious and time-consuming. Celebrate the arrival of Spring by streamlining your workflow today with our Suitcase Fusion font management system (try it for 30 days on us!)

Font Vault: One Location for Every Font

Store all your fonts in a single location with Suitcase Fusion Font Vault. When fonts are added to Suitcase Fusion, they’re automatically checked for corruption and then stored in one convenient location. Simply drag/drop the font you need to your hard drive when you want to share it with other team members. No more digging around in random file folders for lost or missing fonts!

Libraries and Sets

The Suitcase Fusion Library enables you to store and arrange fonts based on any criteria—you can organize by job, client, or document. Within your Library, you can also create sets for specific fonts to be activated automatically whenever a particular application is launched.


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Suitcase Fusion Font Management for WindowsNo matter what application you use or the kind of documents you are creating, fonts are a huge part of that process. When all your fonts exist in the Microsoft Windows font folder, the first thing you will notice is it is hard to find the font you need! A professional font management solution can help you overcome this challenge and put a lot of valuable design time back in your hands.

With Extensis’ font manager – Suitcase Fusion – you can organize, tag, and keep track of all the great typefaces available to you on Windows.

Here are just a few of the things Suitcase Fusion can do to help you tame your fonts on Windows:

  1. Allows you to control what appears in the font menu. Sick of seeing Comic Sans in there? Simply use Suitcase Fusion to deactivate the font and it will no longer appear as an option in the menu. This can make it much easier to find the fonts you need when creating great designs or developing a new web site.
  2. You get to decide how to organize your font collection in a way that makes sense to you and your workflow. Instead of placing all your fonts in the Windows Font directory, you can instead add those fonts to Suitcase Fusion. This lets you organize the fonts into libraries and sets to be able group them in a way that makes sense to you. Only need a font for a single project? You can add that font temporarily to Suitcase Fusion so that it is automatically removed when you reboot your computer.
  3. By trimming out the non-required fonts installed in the Windows Font directory, you will be reducing the time it takes for your system to startup and speed up the launching of applications.

If you’re interested in giving Suitcase Fusion a closer look, we’ve got a fully functional 30-Day Free Trial so you can give it a test run.

When trying out Suitcase Fusion, here are 5 things you should be sure to check out:

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logo_dx3_bannerI spent last week in wonderfully chilly Toronto, Canada for the the annual DX3 conference.

As it happens I landed on the evening when the only snowstorm of significance this year was heading in (20-30 cm expected). Of course, this was nothing to the brave folks of Toronto who just pop up their fur lined hood and walk headfirst into the driving snow.

Toronto is a cosmopolitain, multicultural city, and wonderful place to meet people from all over the world. It’s easy to hear a multitude of languages just walking a couple of blocks downtown. Man how I love this city!

I was here to share what’s new in Extensis technology with the fine digital marketers, advertisers and publishers of the great, cold North. I found everyone very welcoming and excited to learn more about Digital Asset Management and Font Management.

As marketers, we regularly create a ton of content that helps inform potential customers about what we create. We do so at Extensis, creating flyers, emails, logos, web ads, and more. Having so many files to manage, even with a file folder structure on the network, things can get more than a bit squirrelly. We use our own product, Extensis Portfolio 2016 to manage all of these “digital assets.” As I shared my experiences, it seemed to me that many of you also have these type of messy file problems. Take Portfolio for a spin and see if it’s right for you.

As I travel quite a bit for my job, I’m always happy to search for new locations and fare to share. I typically use Yelp to do so, and found two great places this time. The Shore Club and Miku were standouts of this trip. I highly recommend them both!

TeaBOTMy favorite thing at the trade show floor was right around the corner from where I was sitting. Built by people whose passion runs in the direction of both beverages and robots, I bring you the teaBOT. I recommend getting one for your team if you have the space.

Oh, and one final note. The “man bun” is still not considered passé here yet. In such a fashion-forward town like Toronto, I would have expected to see the next “big thing.” There were plenty of beards, of course. Both the carefully manicured “hipster” beards, but also the “I’ve been in the woods for a month, what of it?” beards. I like that. Keep that up Canada. Good on ya!

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We all know that fonts are a critical part of the creative process. They’re an instrumental element of the message, personality and tone of a brand and/or campaign. Perhaps that’s why design teams amass so many of them (interesting fact: we found one team had more than 250k fonts. That’s some serious font love!)

Fonts can also cause a lot of trouble if not managed properly. Projects can come to a screeching halt if a corrupt font enters the system. Significant amounts of time often lost trying to hunt down the “perfect font”. And money flushed down the proverbial toilet if an organization doesn’t have a strong handle on font usage and rights.

Which is why we created Universal Type Server many moons ago. We wanted to empower teams to have everything they need at their fingertips, keep their workflow moving, and help stay out of sticky compliance situations.

We recently launched Universal Type Server 6, which is compatible with Adobe After EffectsApple OS X El Capitan, Microsoft Windows 10 and Adobe Creative Cloud 2015. Universal Type Server 6 also adds Font Reporting features, offering detailed insights about font usage so you can get a clear picture on how fonts are being used (and perhaps save costs on fonts that aren’t used).

If you haven’t had time to take a look at Universal Type Server 6 yet, here’s a few options…


The :90 second intro

Check out our overview video, which provides a quick run through of the new version.


The “What’s New” Webcast

Get an up close & personal demo of Universal Type Server 6 in my recent Webcast.

font manager

Universal Type Server What’s New Webcast


Try it Yourself for Free

If you like the hands on experience, we can hook you up with a 30-day free trial. Simply click here and give it a test run.


FREE TRIAL: Try Universal Type Server 6 for 30 days on us!


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Want a better understanding of how your fonts are being used (or not font management used)?

Universal Type Server 6 is your window!

Want to know more?

If you’d like to be among the first to know about all the new features in Universal Type Server 6, click here.


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Fonts are critical to all steps in the publishing process. They can also be the source of major headaches, as having incorrect fonts can quickly derail automated processes and pull resources away from critical tasks.

Which is why we are thrilled to announce we have released the next version of FontLink, our module for Universal Type Server that delivers fonts for documents in automated publishing workflows that use Adobe® InDesign Server®. FontLink 1.1 offers a direct integration for companies using vjoon K4, the globally renowned cross-media publishing platform used by publishers across the world.

The New FontLink Is Here; Join The Webcast

With this integration, customers can incorporate font management into their publishing workflows and eliminate the problems fonts can inflict upon the automated process.

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Check out our video about the Font Panels in Adobe Creative Cloud applications and learn how to use your entire Suitcase Fusion font collection.

Browse your own font library, Google Fonts and any downloaded Typekit fonts, and get your full “font picture” before any project starts.

Watch more Suitcase Fusion 6 videos here.

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You’re no girl scout. You aren’t designing bake sale fliers anymore. And even if you were, the font list in your favorite pro design software is an endless black pit of scrolling, turning a simple font selection task into a pull-your-hair-out, existential crisis sort of situation. Have you seen that thing lately? Go ahead, open it up and take a look. That list is a behemoth!

You could choose to get lazy and make a “James Cameron” decision (i.e. opt into an overly-trodden and dare I say disgusting font like Papyrus for your high-profile project and thus make every designer that presses ‘play’ nauseous). OR, you could check out the wide world of font management, tame your font game and take control of your workflow while improving your final products.extensis-avatar-movie-papyrus-font



If you’re hearing church bells in your head, but are a Macintosh user, reroute over this way; if you use Windows, swerve this way to download the PDF booklet, or tread on for an abbreviated version in this post.

So, here are some highlights of our Windows Font Management Best Practices Guide. Increasing workflow and getting more organized with your typography starts here:

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Here at Extensis, we want to make sure you can make your documents look their best. A big part of making your documents stand out is having a great selection of fonts to choose from. Fonts allow you to express your creativity when building a poster, newsletter, or advertisement. They give your documents their voice.

As users of Suitcase Fusion 6 know, we provide the ability to sync all Google Fonts locally and make them available for use in their desktop applications. We also provide easy to use panels in Adobe’s Creative Cloud that give users quick access to their entire font collection (including Google Fonts). So with that in mind, we wanted to allow users a better way to quickly see and use all the awesome fonts in Google Docs already available for free.

Users new and old have started using online only applications, opening up a whole new sandbox for our development team to play in. When we finished developing Suitcase Attaché (our awesome Windows add-in for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint), we started looking for the next application to extend.

When we heard Google Docs add-ons were out of beta, we knew we had found the next app for our array of font solutions. We designed the Extensis Fonts add-on to give you a simpler and faster way to view and use the thousands of fonts available from Google Docs, and I think that you’ll agree that we succeeded.

You can sort and preview fonts alphabetically, by popularity and even by what’s trending at the moment. We built Extensis Fonts to be easy to use – select any text in a document and click on your a font in the Extensis Fonts panel to apply it. Your font will always be used, no matter who edits your document in Google Docs.

Extensis Fonts add-on for Google Docs

If you rely upon Google Docs, we hope that you’ll give our free Extensis Fonts add-on a try. There are hundreds of fonts available to really make your documents sing!

We look forward to bringing more fonts to more people in more places in the future.

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We all have favorites, right? And with fonts, it’s not that different! Our most recent video on Suitcase Fusion 6 highlights how to tag your favorite fonts from your library. Whether in a font family, or individual fonts, keep all your favorites close!

Watch more Suitcase Fusion 6 videos here.

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