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We collect data from our users to better understand the environment within which our software is used. Last week I shared the typical number of fonts managed in Suitcase Fusion.

Today, we turn our focus on the types of machines where people install Suitcase. If you’ve ever wondered how we make choices about our system requirements and so forth, this type of data plays into the decisions that we make.

Clearly the most important data at the core of font management is the support for specific operating systems. Apple can change the way that fonts are handled in Mac OS X, and it’s important that developments we make support what our customers are using. The first data point indicates that the vast majority of our users are working on machines with Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard.

While not as critical for software development, it’s interesting to note which machines Suitcase Fusion users are using. While we’ve seen many creative teams moving toward a more mobile workforce with laptops, it’s clear that many of you are still very happy using desk-based iMacs.

It’s also important to see what type of memory is available for the application to use. Clearly most users have either 4 or 8 MB installed with 16 MB trending upward.


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