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Suitcase Fusion 7 Takes Fonts to the Cloud & Brings Font Management to Adobe After Effects

Attention fellow font nerds! Today we have released Suitcase Fusion 7, our professional font manager which takes the effort out of managing your fonts so you can reclaim more time for design.



What’s New?

For those of you who are long-time Suitcase Fusion users, the big advancement in Suitcase Fusion 7 is cloud synchronization. That’s right! With Suitcase Fusion 7, you can sync your entire font collection to the cloud using our TypeSync technology. This allows for no-touch backup and synchronization of your font collection to any machine. If you are on the move or working off two machines, Suitcase Fusion 7 has your entire collection at the ready. And you won’t have to lose sleep over worrying about ever losing your fonts- TypeSync will keep them safe and sound.



Motion Graphic Designers Rejoice!

We’re also thrilled to report we’re extending reliable font management to motion graphics artists with the industry’s first font plug-in for Adobe After Effects. Fonts play an integral role in motion design, and until today, it has been a laborious process to search for and activate fonts. Suitcase Fusion’s Font auto-activation ensures that fonts will always be immediately accessible directly within After Effects.

Adobe After Effects font plug-in and auto-activation


Adobe After Effects joins our collection of auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 applications – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InCopy – and QuarkXPress.

For Suitcase Fusion Newbies

If you are new to Suitcase Fusion, welcome! If you’re like other professional designers, you have thousands of fonts in your collection (fun fact: the average font collection size hovers at around 4,500 typefaces, and we’ve seen collections skyrocket past 250k!). Suitcase Fusion collects and stores all your fonts in one secure location, helping you store, maintain, manage and search your collection efficiently.



Some of the key reasons designers tell us they consider Suitcase Fusion a key tool for their work include:

  • Auto-activation: With auto-activation plug-ins for the most popular design applications, missing fonts are no longer a problem. You can work with confidence that the precise fonts required are automatically activated when needed.
  • Broad compatibility: Whatever platforms or design applications you use, Suitcase Fusion is developed to support your professional workflow.
  • Failsafe reliability: Suitcase Fusion provides a safe, stable and reliable place to store all of your essential fonts.

Suitcase isn’t simply a storage center. We’ve built it to help you:

  • Quickly find the right font when you need it
  • Find similar fonts for comparison
  • Experiment with font pairs without hopping from app to app
  • Discover new fonts to try in your own creations
  • Create quick comps to quickly share mockups with clients or colleages
  • Find “fontspiration” through sample designs

The Bonus Package

Every copy of Suitcase Fusion 7 includes Suitcase Attaché for Microsoft Windows and Font Doctor. Collectively worth $90, these additional applications extend font management to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and helps designers diagnose and repair font corruption problems before they cause problems.

Give it a Try on Us!

If you want to see how Suitcase Fusion 7 can transform how you work, hop over to our free trial page and give it a test drive on us!



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2 comments on “Suitcase Fusion 7 Released Today!

  1. That’s great! Does the Windows version still install 3 different versions of the .NET framework when you install it? 😉

  2. Heh, yeah, we love us some .NET! We may look to pare those down in the future, but we like to cover all of our bases for the time being.

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