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July and August have been a busy couple of months here at Extensis. After the Suitcase Fusion 7 launch and subsequent 18.1 update (which focused on Adobe and Quark update compatibility) the product and engineering teams have been hard at work to ensure the nuts and bolts of managing fonts across your critical applications are on-point.

Today, we’re excited to launch the latest release of Suitcase Fusion, which concentrates on improving plug-in stability by eliminating erroneous missing font dialogs and richer Google Font support. See the product release notes for complete details.

To install this update just download and run the new installer.

Of course if you haven’t upgraded yet, Suitcase Fusion 7 is now available for purchase and includes cloud-based font syncing, Adobe After Effects plug-ins and enough font management wizardry to make your head spin (or magically more productive) Check it out.

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