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Apple releases their newest operating system, macOS Sierra on September 20, 2016.

As we know that many users are excited to update as quickly as possible, we have been testing Extensis software with Sierra. The following are current details about compatibility.


Suitcase Fusion

  • Suitcase Fusion 7 (v18.1.1 and newer) has been tested and is compatible with macOS Sierra (v10.12)
  • Previous versions of Suitcase Fusion have not been tested, use at your own risk.


Universal Type Server

  • Initial tests of Universal Type Client 6 indicate that the current version (v6.1.0) is compatible with macOS Sierra.
  • Due to new macOS permissions, Universal Type Server may encounter a service interruption after upgrading to macOS Sierra.
    Installing the latest Universal Type Server 6.1.1 release over your current installation will restore all functionality without causing data loss.



  • There are no known issues with users accessing Portfolio catalogs with the web clients on macOS Sierra.
  • When installing macOS Sierra on a server running Portfolio 2016, the server will stop functioning. Re-install Portfolio 2016 on the machine and functionality will be restored without any data loss.


For the most current information about supported software configurations see these pages:

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8 comments on “Extensis support for macOS Sierra

  1. “Previous versions of Suitcase Fusion have not been tested, use at your own risk.”
    Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of the software company to test and let us, paying customers, know if it’s compatible? I’m running version 6 and the last thing I need is to upgrade to Sierra and find out that it’s not compatible and having to downgrade back to El Capitan again.

  2. Really Jim? I updated and now I get an error message about my Font Vault, inaccessible! on my Suitcase 6!

    Again, Really?

  3. I installed the trial version on my Sierra and MacOS really works, but it is a sad fact that unlike other competitors the application does not have the auto-activation of fonts for Adobe applications. You must enable each source manually as soon as you open a file in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 for example. It is a sad fact.

  4. After a completely fresh install of MacOS Sierra, I installed Suitcase 6. Installing fonts from my 3TB Time Machine resulted in my Mac crashing with a Grey Screen of Death. All my fonts were completely corrupt and unusable. Fortunately I had a backup. Be warned, my experience shows that Suitcase 6 is NOT compatible with MacOS Sierra.

    I’m just about to pay for the upgrade to Suitcase 7. If the problem happens again, I’ll report back here.

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