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IT-EnquirerIT-Enquirer, a European site that covers the digital publishing industry, has published a report that covers the “productivity, creativity and efficiency” of Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress. They basically compared the time that it takes to complete a number of common tasks in each piece of software, and also included some thoughtful analysis of tasks that can’t be best measured in the time that it takes to complete them.

The report is very detailed, and for many creative-types will likely be some dry reading. It will be most useful for those who are looking to compare design software solutions across whole departments. The report heavily favors (spoiler alert!) QuarkXPress for most tasks. Though, I’m sure that depending upon prior knowledge of the software, this would surely vary on a case-by-case basis. In the short run, I doubt that this will sway the entrenched user either way as any learning curve would likely eat away any potential benefit. In the long run, it’s always good to keep in mind who’s making the publishing workflow more efficient.

To receive a free copy of the 34-page report, it takes just a second to register with IT-Enquirer.

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