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Quark-LogoUPDATED August 17, 2015

The QuarkXPress 2015 XTension for Suitcase Fusion 6 on both OS X and Windows is now available.

Download the plug in separately for Suitcase Fusion on OS X from the Suitcase Fusion support page.

The QuarkXPress 2015 XTension for Suitcase Fusion 6 on Windows is included in the most recent Windows installer, version 17.2. Use the Check for Updates feature or download the most recent installer from the Suitcase Fusion support page to get the new XTension.

XTensions for Universal Type Client 5 on OSX is now available in the version 5.2 installer. Please download and install the new client to get the new plug-in.

An XTension for the Universal Type Client on Windows is still in development. Please check back here in the coming week for an update.

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