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QuarkXPress-2017Quark recently released QuarkXPress 2017. We know that many of Extensis customers rely upon QuarkXPress for your publishing needs.

The following is the Extensis support plan for QuarkXPress 2017.


Suitcase Fusion

The current version of Suitcase Fusion 7 is now compatible with with QuarkXPress 2017 on macOS.

Download the new installer from the Suitcase Fusion 7 Support Page.

Run the installer and then use the Plug-in Manager to enable the new XTension. On macOS choose Suitcase Fusion > Manage Plug-ins.

NOTE: This XTension is available for macOS only at this point.


Universal Type Server

The current version of Universal Type Client 6 is now compatible with QuarkXPress 2017.

Download the Type Client installer from the Universal Type Server 6 Support Page.

Run the installer on the client machines to install the new XTension.


2 comments on “Extensis Products and QuarkXPress 2017

  1. Version does not work with QuarkXpress 2017 (Windows) 🙁
    Plugin does not appear in Manager.
    Manually copy to Quark XTensions-folder –
    Error ExtensisFontManagementQXT2011 can not be loaded in QuarkXpress

  2. Steffen, we are sorry but there isn’t a plug-in for QuarkXPress 2017 on Windows. We are working through some final issues with Quark.

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