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Quark recently pre-announced their upcoming QuarkXPress 2016 release. We know that many of Extensis customers rely upon QuarkXPress for your publishing needs.

The following is the Extensis support plan for the upcoming QuarkXPress 2016 release.

Suitcase Fusion

On June 21, 2016 we released an update (version 18.1) that added compatibility with QuarkXPress 2016.

Universal Type Server

We are working with Quark to ensure our Universal Type Client font auto-activation plugins are compatible with their upcoming 2016 release. It’s our plan to have an updated plugin as soon as possible after the 2016 release is publicly available.

NOTE: Universal Type Server has been updated to a new version fully compatible with QuarkXPress 2016.

If you want QuarkXPress 2016 pre-release XTensions, please visit this Extensis Forums Post.

Note that these plug-ins are pre-release and may have some untested issues.

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