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IT-EnquirerWas going through my Inbox last night and came across this gem that I had previously overlooked. The UK publication, IT-Enquirer recently published a 40 page report comparing the three major editorial workflow systems on the market – Quark Publishing System version 7, Softcare’s K4 and WoodWing Software’s Smart Connection Enterprise. Both K4 and Smart Connection Enterprise are built to work with Adobe InDesign and InCopy in contrast to the Quark solution.

In the past the IT-Enquirer has tilted heavily toward the Quark publishing solutions, and this review contains no big surprises in that respect. Though, that does not necessarily mean that this report should be neglected. It does go through the majority of the salient points about each of the solutions, and is definitely a worthy read if you are considering the implementation of a text-driven workflow system.

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