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Google ChromeScreenSnapz001The past few days I’ve spent learning more than I ever thought I could about color at the Printing Industries of America’s Color 2015 conference.

Yes, I said it, color. Having accurate, consistent color when creating or printing anything physical has been a consistent problem throughout the ages. Add to that how the digital representation onscreen correlates to anything in the world, and the topic is far more complex. Heck, you might not even know that what type of material that you’re printing on can affect the color of final printed products – paper, vinyl, plastic, wood, canvas, etc.

Fortunately there are many smart people who have been working for years to bring consistency through standards, practices and techniques that ensure the best results.

One interesting thing that I learned was that how color displays across multiple different lighting sources can be affected by paying close attention to the grey scale of an image. There’s even a standard specification called G7 that helps printers achieve high quality consistent output.

If you’ve ever been stymied by getting the out put results of a project back and felt unsure about how to achieve better results, I highly recommend attending the Color 2016 conference next year in Phoenix. There’s definitely much to learn.

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