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With the explosion of digital assets and media over the past decade, companies struggle with how to keep files organized, accessible, and properly managed. More files means more inefficiencies in the form of lost time and money spent trying to find them.


The Ultimate Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Has Arrived: Introducing Extensis Portfolio

Introducing Extensis Portfolio


Our newest release of Extensis Portfolio™ couldn’t come at a better time. In the words of our esteemed Product Manager of Digital Asset Management Solutions, Maxwell Mabe, “This is the most significant update to Portfolio since its inception, addressing core DAM functionality with an emphasis on workflow and user experience.” Built for collections of up to 10 million assets, Portfolio gets them organized into a meaningful, usable collection, and lets you find what you need, fast. With suggested, guided search capabilities, millisecond results, a sleek new user interface and elegant thumbnail views, Portfolio makes DAM intuitive, engaging, and affordable for the everyday user. New key features include a 2,000% increase in capacity, 500% faster cataloging and On-Premise or the Cloud options. For a complete list of features, add-on options, and additional information on Portfolio, visit


The Ultimate Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Has Arrived: Moder, Modular & Mobile Digital Asset Management

Modern, Modular & Mobile Digital Asset Management


DAM in under 30 seconds

For the uninitiated, DAM helps companies locate, reuse and share assets to maximize productivity and profits. It lets people inside and outside the organization find, organize, and convert media files quickly and easily. A DAM system saves time with:

  • Robust metadata and tagging to help locate files nearly instantly
  • Uninterrupted workflow, since employees can find files themselves
  • The ability to find files easily, making repurposing them even easier
  • Easy access for internal and external teams and partners

DAM saves money by:

  • Providing the ability to properly track usage rights on assets, avoiding fees
  • Allowing file conversions without paying for additional software
  • Getting assets to your clients faster, without shipping physical media
  • Offering the ability to easily sell and license assets

Extensis Portfolio offers all these advantages and more by ensuring users have immediate access to the correct files and format in a central location. It’s the only digital asset management solution that’s affordable, simple to use, can be set up within a day, and provides everything organizations need to get started right out of the box.


The Ultimate Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Has Arrived: Portfolio is used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies.

Portfolio is used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies.


Who uses Extensis Portfolio?

Tons of big clients, including MTV, Patagonia, Comedy Central, Princess Cruises and many more. Organizations want and need a better way to manage their assets. Typical pain points around file management include accessing projects offline, constant interruptions for files like logos, and poor access, tracking and search capabilities across thousands of files. A DAM system like Extensis Portfolio offers a single catalog to search, manage and maintain everything. Or you can create multiple catalogs for different workflows, access levels, or different parts of the organization. Either way, problems solved—and time and money saved.

The Ultimate Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Has Arrived: Princess Cruises implemented DAM for brand consistency, cost savings and speed to market

Princess Cruises implemented DAM for brand consistency, cost savings and speed to market.

Princess Cruises has 1 million passengers a year and 20,000 employees worldwide, with a Brand Services department processing over 500 in-house design projects annually. Before implementing their DAM solution, they struggled with brand consistency issues, redundant costs, and impaired speed to market, among others. Now that they have assets at their fingertips, per-image costs have dropped 50%, and they’ve saved 20% on their budget.


The Ultimate Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Has Arrived:

“Where’s that file?” Patagonia’s Video Librarian, Nate Ptacek, got tired of playing.


The advantages are also clear For Nate Ptacek, Video Librarian for outdoor apparel company Patagonia. “I think after so many years of playing ‘Where’s that file?’, folks realized there’s got to be a better way of doing things, he says. “Simply being able to quickly sort out our video media based on content and licensing has saved us a ton of time.”


See Extensis Portfolio in action for yourself

Share any asset collection on the Web with self-service web portals, internally and externally. Browse, preview and search for files using any web browser. Store all file types in their highest quality formats and quickly convert them on the fly. Get immediate access to the correct files in the desired format in a central location.

To see Extensis Portfolio in all its sleek, organizational glory, view our online demo, and these screenshots and videos. To see how much time and money a DAM can save you, behold this infographic. Try or buy it today, and become a believer.

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