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Using Extensis Portfolio for social media success

As you may have seen, we recently touted our latest updates to Portfolio, which includes being optimized for OS X Yosemite (v10.10), advanced reporting options, and blazing fast operation.

In this post, we’ll take a more in-depth look at Baylor University’s innovative use of Portfolio to engage their social media audience in real-time.

Digital Asset Management Success Story: Baylor University

Baylor had already been using Portfolio to find, organize, share their assets. But since using it as part of their social media strategy, they’ve tripled their social media engagement stats, driven SEO through the roof, attracted a huge wave of new admissions, and achieved higher social media rankings than some of the biggest universities in the nation.

So how’d they do it?

Boosting admissions in an increasingly competitive arena

In the last decade, colleges have needed to find new and creative strategies for getting students to apply. Glossy catalogs and recruiting fairs aren’t cutting it anymore. Prospective students, current students, alumni, communities and the public at large are online, interact instantly, and expect universities to do the same.

Baylor needed a way to engage their prospects and community where they were, while getting them more engaged with the content.

Digital Asset Management Success Story: Baylor University media team uses Portfolio to share high quality photos from the sidelines to social—and fast!

The Baylor University media team uses Portfolio to share high quality photos from the sidelines to social—and fast!

A bigger challenge than capturing the moment: sharing photos quickly

Robbie Rogers, Baylor’s Director of Photography, and Matthew Minard, Assistant Director of Photography, are both part of the university’s Marketing Communications Team. Their role is to document campus life: sporting events, graduation ceremonies, alumni receptions, and more. They’ve always understood the importance of great photography to tell a story and reinforce the Baylor brand.

But their ability to share their images with the university’s social media team had been slow. Running SD cards from events to the team—or sending less-then-professional shots via their iPhones—wasn’t garnering the higher levels of engagement they were after. They needed to get their photos to the social media team faster, so the team could leverage those shots on the university’s accounts in real-time.

Once Rogers and Minard met with the social media team, they struck on an innovative way to use Portfolio in a way that would meet their needs—while giving their audience the shots and immediacy they wanted.

A compelling blueprint for social media success

Once Portfolio was identified as a means of helping them achieve their goals, the photographers and the social media team came up with a workflow:

  • Rogers and Minard got Canon wireless cameras that could transfer photos wirelessly through a router or an iPhone hotspot
  • From the field, they were able to upload, in real time, hundreds of photos with a click of a button
  • The photos were instantly posted to a digital asset management portal called Portfolio NetPublish, which also allowed the photographers to automatically tag the photos with metadata
  • The social media team could immediately access these images from NetPublish, then post the content to their social channels—all while leveraging the tags to increase the relevance of their posts
Digital Asset Management Success Story: Baylor University tripled their followers across all social media channels with Portfolio for Digital Asset Management

Baylor University tripled their followers across all social media channels with Portfolio for Digital Asset Management

Social proof that innovation + DAM + social media works

The results? Being able to engage with their audience in real-time with high-quality images of university life has tripled Baylors followers across all social media channels.

Since implementing this system, Baylor has risen to the top 10 list of universities on Instagram (ahead of Harvard, no less), and is listed in the top 20 most influential on social media overall. As noted above, they’ve tripled their social media followers across all channels.

In 2014, they achieved their highest incoming class size, and their annual giving campaign has brought in historically record high figures.

To learn more about the challenges, solutions and results from this successful experiment, we encourage you to check out our free 55-minute webcast featuring the key players themselves, Robbie Rogers and Matthew Minard of Baylor University.

Also be sure to check out what Baylor’s doing on their social media channels—a great example of successful social media and Extensis Portfolio in action:

If you’re interested in harnessing the Portfolio for your own university, company or organization—or just learning more about its capabilities—check out Portfolio’s main page on the Extensis website. And remember, if you’re ready to take Portfolio for a spin, we’re always here to answer your questions.

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