What catches your eye

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Good photography is arguably not about the quality or quantity of the equipment that you have, but it’s more about what your eye focuses on, and how you choose to compose your image.

Well, I had walked down one of our hallways for days, and had seen this strange smudge on one of our windows. My immediate thought was that someone had fallen into the window and had made a weird smudge with their arm or something.

It wasn’t until a co-worker pointed out that it was actually the dust left behind from a bird hitting the window that I actually examined it more closely.

Bird hits window

So, in this case, my eye was telling me one thing, but the keen observer was able to discern exactly the source of the mark. Thanks to Senior Support Technician, Mike Morgan for his keen eye and photograph.


3 comments on “What catches your eye

  1. Nice photo of a mystery bird…but it looks like an alien spacecraft that crashed into the tree to me!

    Photographs and statistics can BOTH be altered to give very different results…


  2. This isn’t an altered photo. I had the same thing happen to me a week ago. We came home and my son’s bedroom window had a big dust mark on it, quite similar to this one. It was an amazing amount of dust and it looked like the bird tried to abort a crash into the glass at the last minute because the mark for the body was way out of proportion to the wings, but as I looked closer, the wing lenth was actually much longer than at first glance. I went outside, certain that I’d find a dead bird on the ground, but there was nothing there. I haven’t asked any of our neighbors if they carted away a bird carcass, but I did see one feather down there.

    There’s also another bird dust mark at this URL:

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