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I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Digital Asset Management, or DAM. But many business still face uncertainties about what DAM is exactly, how will it help their business, and where to even get started.

Digital Asset Management Toolkit

Well, say goodbye to all your unanswered questions! Today we’re releasing a new DAM Toolkit, designed to guide companies from early stages of Digital Asset Management exploration to best practices for implementation and rollout.

With the new Digital Asset Management Toolkit, you can:

  • Become educated on DAM and its benefits
  • Determine if you need DAM
  • Calculate the ROI of a DAM solution, specific to your organization
  • Create a strategy for selecting a system
  • Develop criteria for evaluating solutions
  • Prepare for a smooth and successful implementation
  • Learn best practices for workflow definition & mapping, asset naming conventions, metadata schemas, and more
  • Maximize your DAM system

You can start using the DAM Toolkit today by clicking here.

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UPDATED August 18, 2015

Microsoft Windows 10 officially became available today.

The following is the current support for Extensis products and Windows 10.

Font Management Products

Suitcase Fusion

The current version of Suitcase Fusion 6, v17.2 is compatible with Windows 10. Use the Check for Updates feature to download the update, or download the newest installer from the Support page.

Universal Type Server

Universal Type Client

We are testing a new version of the Universal Type Client with Windows 10 and expect a free update to be released in the coming weeks.


The Server requires a server-class operating system and hardware. It is not supported for use on Windows 10. See this page for supported configurations.

Digital Asset Management Products


Portfolio Web, Express & NetPublish

Windows 10 includes an entirely new browser, Edge. We have tested Portfolio Web, Portfolio Administration and Portfolio NetPublish sites using Edge and have not found any issues. Windows 10 is now an officially supported operating system for use with these applications.



The Server requires a server-class operating system and hardware. It is not supported for use on Windows 10. See this page for supported configurations.

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This week, published an article debunking a commonly held misconception in the world of software development. While many big legacy companies banish agile development and strategy to few departments to avoid any reverberating hiccups affecting other operations, with improved communication and a far-reaching, believable vision, developmental agility can be an incredible asset to a large company.

Enter: us! Author Sharon Florentine cites Extensis’ organization-wide transition from a top-down, authoritative-driven developmental model to a more nimble and agile mode of operation. Toby Martin, VP of Products & Strategy explains, “We wanted to get more nimble and agile with our releases…and get or new products to the market faster.”

“Legacy,” and “Agile” Aren’t Mutually Exclusive for Extensis


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Question: What happens when you mix a smarter-than-your-professor engineering brain with a creative’s awareness of typographical design and then toss it in the oven for fifteen minutes at 325 degrees?

Answer: Dutch food-and-type designer, Printmeneer.

Printmeneer is a business sprouting from one man’s homemade 3D printer and an inkling that cleverly designed cookie cutters would be a hit with both lovers of design and lovers of glutinous treats. Built with a naval architect’s know-how and a baker’s precision, these cookie cutters come in a myriad of funky shapes and sizes, but we, font geeks that we are, were stopped in our tracks when we saw his Garamond, Baskerville, Futura and Helvetica cookie cutter series.
Printmeneer cookie cutters - Extensis (1)

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In most disciplines, you need to know the rules before you break them. Typography is no different. There are rules, and following them correctly results in a clean, professional appearance. Breaking them deliberately and correctly can also have nice results, making your type unique and maybe even out-of-the-box brilliant.

To help designers and developers put their best foot forward, we’re happy to present “Tips for Better Typography,” where we’ll cover some basic rules of typography and related tips to help you set type in a way that’s professional and beautiful. Below, we’ll cover some tips and guidelines around line measure, line-height, kerning and special characters.

Line Measure

The width of a body of type, or line length, is also known as the measure. In content-heavy design especially, you don’t want to make your lines of copy too long; it can cause eye fatigue and make the reader lose interest. A good rule of thumb is to limit lines of copy to around 65 characters per line, including space and punctuation. Another good rule of thumb is to increase your leading in proportion to the measure.


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