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Political Campaign Logos and the Designers Who Hate Them

Meredith Post, Author at LPK Taking Brands to Extraordinary

Wired recently ran a piece entitled Typography is Why Jeb’s Logo is Worse Than a Piece of Crap. I say this in a non-partisan way, but it’s one of those headlines that kind of says it all.

Even though Bush has been using a variation on this logo since 1993, the recently unveiled 2015 version unleashed a new barrage of snark from the design community, with pundits criticizing everything from the typeface (Baskerville) to the exclamation point (“I don’t want to be told to get excited”) to the baseline of the exclamation point. AdWeek fed the flames of the controversy by reposting a bunch of mostly negatively “humorous” takes from the twittersphere.

Political Campaign Logos and the Designers Who Hate Them; Jeb Bush logo Continue Reading »

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SF5-AdobeCloudAdobe released the Creative Cloud 2015 update on June 16th.

Extensis is committed to providing the best support possible for Adobe professional design applications. The following is our support plan for Adobe Creative Cloud applications.


Suitcase Fusion

  • Suitcase Fusion 6 plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud on OS X are now available. Use the check for updates feature in Suitcase Fusion to download the update, or download the update from the Suitcase Fusion Support page.
  • We are still developing font auto-activation plug-ins for the Windows version of Suitcase Fusion to support Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and InCopy CC2015 and expect to release an update in the coming months.

Universal Type Server

  • We are developing updated font auto-activation plug-ins for Universal Type Client that support Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and InCopy and expect to release an update in the coming month.
  • When it is available, download and install the updated Universal Type Client to get the updated plug-ins.


  • There are no known issues with files generated by Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 file types when cataloged by Portfolio.

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In our latest video highlighting key features in Suitcase Fusion 6, we explore the Font Vault – a single, secure, managed repository that stores your entire Suitcase Fusion database and fonts. In this short video, learn how the Font Vault keeps your fonts free from corruption, prevents accidentally deleting fonts, and makes managing duplicate fonts and versioning easy.

Want to see more? Check out all of our Suitcase Fusion 6 videos here.


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During the month of May, we asked you to help us fill the interweb with typographic design inspired by the music world. With your contributions using #AudibleInspiration, we created an ode to our favorite musicians and designers and took a fresh look into just how much the two words intertwine.

Entries spanned the gamut from favorite album art to custom hand-drawn song lyrics. Shout-outs and hat-tips were given to musical bluegrass artists to 80’s electro-pop and everything in-between. And without further ado, we’d like to congratulate our winner, Tory Burke. Tory scored a sweet prize—a pair of Beats By Dre headphones.

Audible Inspiration Contest Winner: Tory Burke

Audible Inspiration Contest Winner

Baby I’m Howlin’ For You; Original Work by Tory Burke

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Extensis recently reunited in our co-located digs after months of being dispersed while under construction (check out “Sweet Suite 500”). As my colleague, Toby Martin, shared in an earlier post, we’ve retooled our office to support a larger transition into agile development and agile marketing.

Having a few weeks to acclimate to our new environment, we thought it would be interesting to check in with the team and get their thoughts on working in the co-located space.

I sat down with Dan Schuman, a software engineer at Extensis. Dan has worked in a wide array of environments, so his basis of comparison was particularly interesting.

Here’s what I learned:


Agile Development

Dan Schuman, Software Engineer at Extensis

Me: In the span of your career, what types of environments have you worked in?

Dan: A good chunk of my career has been freelancing and contracting, so my experience is primarily with co-location or public work spaces such as coffee shops. With the former, I’ve worked in a small co-location setting, sharing a large table-desk with others. When working strictly on my own, there has been a balance between public spaces and isolated settings.

What is happening with technology that is making co-location more imperative for product development?

Dan: Continuous delivery has changed the product landscape significantly; products that used to be shipped annually are now sometimes shipped hourly. Being in an environment where communication and teamwork are inhibited in any way just doesn’t work anymore.

While the interruptions that can occur in co-located environments have their drawbacks, they also greatly improve team communication . Getting pulled into conversations unrelated to what one is immediately working on allows unexpected feedback in many situations. This can help  forgo meetings altogether, and waste a lot less time in unnecessary overhead.

Being in such an environment has its ups and downs, but ultimately I feel it is more positive.  It cultivates a more energetic atmosphere.

What are the challenges with co-location?

Dan: Distraction is always the enemy of work, and it is ever-present within even the smallest of co-located spaces. Noise, passing eye contact, and hallway talk may easily pull me away from my focus, and it takes an ongoing effort to remain on task.

Many workers—myself included—have a frequent need to work in an isolated space, cut off completely from distractions. This has an interesting effect: needing to uproot yourself periodically to another location can be tedious; however, it makes it clearer to your teammates that you need to focus.

What types of shifts do people need to make in this type of environment? What are your tips and tricks for making it work?

Dan: Headphones! Having a way to block out unwanted noise is always especially helpful. A lot of the time, the co-location environment will respectfully be quiet, but it’s always a nice safeguard to prevent interruptions.

Maintaining a conscientious and empathic attitude toward your coworkers is essential. Everyone has their peeves and quirks, and working as best as you can with everyone’s idiosyncrasies can go a long way. It can easily devolve into petty battles over meaningless workplace nits, or the co-location can be a refreshing and enjoyable place to be. It all comes down to your day-to-day attitude and change in perspective.


Thanks to Dan for taking time out to share his insights!

You can check out the latest pictures of our new space on Pinterest.

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