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Deciding whether or not you need a digital asset management (DAM) system can be a bit tricky and you may be asking yourself “…what is this DAM thing?” Guess what? You’re not alone. We would like to help you get a grasp on DAM and provide answers to common digital asset management questions:

What in the world is Digital Asset Management?

Maybe you know a little about digital asset management or maybe the concept sounds completely foreign. DAM is a way to organize, categorize, find, retrieve and store digital files, such as images, documents, audio and video clips. These digital files are referred to as assets because a significant amount of time and expense goes into creating these files – making them very important resources. To help locate files easily, digital asset management software typically uses a metadata and keyword-tagging system so you can find what you need fast.

Here’s a quick video delving further into DAM, with some highlights on our solution- Extensis Portfolio:


Portfolio-Video-Thumb Final


Why do I need Digital Asset Management Software?

More files mean more disorganization, which leads to lost time and money spent trying to find them (check out the DAM Infographic on just how much you might be losing). Imagine having the ability to let people inside and outside your organization find, organize, and convert media files quickly. DAM software does just that. By helping businesses locate, reuse and share assets, workflow improves, time is saved and profits increase. Digital asset management also provides the ability to properly track usage rights on assets, avoiding fees and offering the ability to easily sell and license assets.

What Industries Use Digital Asset Management Systems?

With the explosion of digital assets and media over the past decade, organizations spanning across many industries struggle with how to keep files organized, accessible, and properly managed. From higher education to retail organizations, museums to government, digital asset management is needed and used by many different types of organizations.

DAM Toolkit

We’d like to answer more of your questions and point you in the right direction by introducing you to our DAM Toolkit. The toolkit is chocked full of valuable resources aimed at helping you make an informed decision when selecting the best DAM solution for your organization. The toolkit includes: workflow assessment worksheets, guidelines on building selection criteria, an ROI calculator, a best practices guide, and much more. Before making a DAM decision, check out the kit and see if a digital asset management system is right for you!

Learn more about Extensis Portfolio – Digital Asset Management Software.

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While fonts are the main source of interest around our offices, there is no lack of eccentric and talented people that gather around the coffee pot. Recently two of our own, Catarina and ASA Manager Nigel, took an air born excursion.

We caught up with these flying font masters for a dual-perspective recap of the afternoon adventure:


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While there have been worlds of advancement in the realm of digital asset management in the last decade, there remain a few gaping holes, one of which is the lack of new standards for metadata on multimedia or video files. This is long-existing issue that only an open dialogue and cooperation can successfully tackle.

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The late Adrian Fruitger said,

Typography must be as beautiful as a forest, not like the concrete jungle of the tenements. It gives distance between the trees, the room to breathe and allow for life.

We can visualize where Mr. Frutiger was coming from, especially having the Oregon wilderness in our mind’s eye to draw from. Wispy moss appears placed just so–draping off Doug Fir trees, like the visual perfection of typographic ligatures.

With mad respect for Mr. Frutiger’s contributions to the legibility of the world, we present our most recent set of Fontspiration to inspire your typography. These pieces feature type by DSType, Chank Fonts, Klim Type Foundry, Jukebox Type, Bitstream, and Atipo. Check ’em out:

Find New Fonts with Fontspiration: Typography to Inspire You
Foundry: Bitstream
Fonts: Zapf Humanist Regular, Italic, Ultra, Ultra Italic
Artist: Blue Collar Agency
Inspiration: In remembrance of World Trade Center 911 Disaster

Find New Fonts with Fontspiration: Typography to Inspire You

Foundry: Chank Fonts
Font: Chauncy Pro Bold
Artist: Blue Collar Agency
Inspiration: National Hot Dog Day on July 23rd

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Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you’ve heard–we love food. Pairing good food with good libations and surrounding it with good company is a surefire way to let the good times roll. Now: toss in good typography and you’re going to have to excuse us for a moment so we can go do our happy dance.

Because we’ve discovered how awesome it is to marry food, drink, and typography we have dedicated a mini series to the topic (our Instagram account is chock full, too). Check out where the first and second installations in our Food & Type series took us, but be sure to grab a fork and open Illustrator as we introduce you to the deliciously talented Chris Durso. Oh, and remember that project that turned the 50 states into clever food puns that went viral? Yeah, that was him.

From a Font Nerd to a Foodie: an Interview with Chris Durso

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