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We recently created a series of videos to showcase some of the most popular features in Suitcase Fusion 6. This week we’re highlighting how to add fonts to your collection, and how Suitcase Fusion identifies problem fonts, tries to repair them, and keeps your workflow free from corruption.


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In recent years, there have been a number of studies on how powerfully music can affect us. Psychologists and scientists have been looking at the link between music and mood, work efficiency and concentration for years. Music can stimulate learning, improve concentration, enhance cognitive performance, boost productivity, motivation, and endurance, and even affect your memory.

Audible Inspiration: How Logos and Type Express Music We Love; Chicago logo

Gentle-sounding but massively popular soft rock bands of the ‘70s favored quasi-script and calligraphy fonts.

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Most designers have hundreds of fonts, if not thousands. Having a font manager is not only critical for productivity, but making the most of the collection. Learn some new tips on how Suitcase Fusion 6 can help you make sense of your font collection, gain “Fontspiration”, boost to your collection, and more in our new video.

Check out all of our Suitcase Fusion 6 videos here.


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Earlier this month, we announced FontLink, an all-new module for Universal Type Server. FontLink examines and gathers fonts for Adobe® InDesign® documents before they are handed off to InDesign Server, removing manual document processing tasks for output.

This Thursday I will host a live Webcast, giving a tour of the new module.


  • Thursday, April 23
  • 11:00 a.m. Pacific; 2:00 p.m. Eastern
  • Register here.

Join me and you will learn how:

  • To alleviate missing & incorrect font-related pains in automated workflows
  • FontLink automates font preflighting
  • To ensure precise font usage, even in complex workflows
  • Universal Type Server serves fonts to designers & publishing systems

At the end of the presentation, my colleague Chris Meyer (Product Manager for Font Management Solutions) and I will be available to answer your questions.

If you cannot attend but are interested, please register and the recording will be sent to you after the event.

I hope you can join us!

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Our Best Practices Guide for Server-Based Font Management

What’s the best way to organize fonts for your team’s workflow? How can you keep your team running smoothly and avoid costly font-related lawsuits? Learn how to assess your needs, create an effective font licensing and reporting strategy and more with our handy, free guide.


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The creativity we see on Instagram every day is an inspiration. And we’re humbled to see how fast our following has grown. To say thanks and keep the momentum going, we’re running a follow and tag contest through the month of April.

Follow us on Instagram @extensis to see what gets our creative juices flowing (and perhaps yours too!) For your chance to win a fun, designerly prize, just tag a fellow Instagrammer in a comment on the prize image. Please share with your creative comrades!

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Instagram gets our creative juices flowing every day

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