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UPDATED September 9, 2015

Microsoft Windows 10 officially became available today.

The following is the current support for Extensis products and Windows 10.

Font Management Products

Suitcase Fusion

The current version of Suitcase Fusion 6, v17.2 is compatible with Windows 10. Use the Check for Updates feature to download the update, or download the newest installer from the Support page.

Universal Type Server

Universal Type Client

The current version of the Universal Type Client 5, v 5.2.1 is is compatible with Windows 10. Download and run the newest installer from the Support page.


The Server requires a server-class operating system and hardware. It is not supported for use on Windows 10. See this page for supported configurations.

Try Universal Type Server for Free

Digital Asset Management Products


Portfolio Web, Express & NetPublish

Windows 10 includes an entirely new browser, Edge. We have tested Portfolio Web, Portfolio Administration and Portfolio NetPublish sites using Edge and have not found any issues. Windows 10 is now an officially supported operating system for use with these applications.


The Server requires a server-class operating system and hardware. It is not supported for use on Windows 10. See this page for supported configurations.

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29 comments on “Windows 10 and Extensis Product Support

  1. Francisco, We will be updating and testing only current products for Windows 10. So, in the case of Suitcase Fusion, we will only be testing and updating version 6.

  2. That’s somewhat disappointing. Win 10 has been in public beta for a long time, one would think at least 6 would work out of the gate. The only software on my system to experience any issue id SF 5. To hear that it will most likely be left behind and that even my upgrade path is weeks out……?

  3. Yes this is very disappointing and again shows a slow and casual attitude on support of new software. We’ve still been waiting for the auto activation plug in for Adobe CC 2015 … I just hope that the Windows 10 support isn’t going to take as long as the auto activation has been taking.

  4. Hi Bob, We take updates very seriously and test them before putting them out. Thanks for your continued patience. Expect a release in August soon.

  5. You obviously don’t take updates seriously, if you did you’d have fixed this in the Windows 10 beta before the official release, we all knew the release date, now i’m stuck with an application that no longer works for me, my design workflow is stalled, i have to install each font onto the system now, well done Extensis!!!

  6. Hi, what about the updates for Windows 10 and Adobe CC 2015 plugin too?
    I hope when you said “Expect a release in August soon” you didn’t mean 31th August at 11:59:59 PM !
    You know, we understand and agree (and thx you) that updates must be tested before tu putting them out but please note that Microsoft release windows 10 for developers 1 (ONE) year early without count other RC version. Infact, the 29th july there are nothing to “surprise” on. Why you wait till the end and are so slow giving pain and trouble? This is disappointing!

  7. Has there been an update about this?
    I currently left my job to work freelance and was considering purchasing Suitcase Fusion but I only have Windows 10 on both my machines. Will it work if I buy it?

  8. Hi, are you planning on updating Suitcase Fusion 4 to be compatible with Windows 10? Thanks!

  9. Just Installed A Free Trial of Suitcase Fusion 6 in my Windows 10 on Surface Pro, but it pops out the error message below.

    Suitcase Fusion Client encountered an unexpected error. KDatabaseError

    Please help.

  10. Bonjour,
    Depuis la dernière mise à jour cumulative pour Windows 10 (ces derniers jours) Suitcase Fusion 6 – (v17.2.1.636225) n’est plus en mesure d’activer les polices de caractère (de façon permanente ou temporaire). Lorsque l’on clique sur une fonte avec la boule bleue ou verte celle-ci fait semblant de s’activer puis la boule disparaît et la police n’est pas activée.
    Merci de votre aide si un correctif intervient car je ne peux pas travailler (sauf à installer les police via le système d’exploitation.)
    Je pense qu’il y a un nouveau bug du à la dernière mise à jour de Windows 10, car avant cela ne le faisait pas.

  11. Problème d’activation des Fontes résolu par moi-même :

    – Suppression des caches de polices Windows (dossier caché)
    – Arrêt de Suitcase (FM Core)
    – Suppression des préférences de Suitcase (dossier caché)
    – Désinstallation de Suitcase.
    – Redémarrage du Système.
    – Nouvelle installation de Suitcase.
    Tout est redevenu normal.
    Procédure appliquée sur une station de PAO et également sur un PC Portable ayant les m^mes difficultés avec mise à jour Windows V10 PRO 64 bits1511- 10586

  12. Since all Win 10 and, since Adobe 2015 (also very latest versions) no fonts are displayed in the Extensis panel in InDesign and Photoshop. Why these features are offered, if the month is not working?

  13. Extensis UTC may work on Windows 10 but is missing a very important function… The ability to secure the system from users installing their own fonts without permission!!!
    This is HUGE in the publishing industry as the entire selling point of UTS is to manage and maintain licence rights to avoid potential risk of a user using an unlicenced font in a product…
    When will this be fixed? ( PS I’ve already contacted support, as well as my account rep, and I cant get a clear answer on when or even IF it will ever work again?)

  14. Hello Glenn,

    We hear you and wish there was a clear answer.
    Unfortunately, Microsoft has made security changes in Windows 10 locking down system folder permissions that 3rd party developers (like Extensis) used to manage.
    These changes prevent us from controlling the Windows\fonts directory and in turn being able to automatically remove any fonts placed there by unauthorized users.

    So we haven’t forgotten about this feature, it’s just a new challenge we face in restoring it.
    We are currently investigating our options and hopefully can revive it in a future product update.

    With that said, non-Admin users should already be restricted from adding fonts to their Windows 10 system directory. So, unless you are giving them Admin-level access there shouldn’t be anyone adding fonts except through Universal Type Server.

    Hopefully that puts your mind at ease a little. If I missed a case where adding fonts to Windows is possible please share those details with us. You can email me directly at:


  15. Hi! I tried to install the free trial of Suitcase Fusion for Win10 in my laptop and… Doesn’t works. It says something that a file is missing that I don’t remember now. Not even I can work with the compatibility installation with older versions. Says the same error. What can I do?
    Sorry for my English.

  16. Hi Sanme. Sorry that you’re having issues. Can’t really help you if we don’t know what error you are getting. If you can try again, and write down or screenshot what you are seeing that would help. Then you can contact support and they will have something to help you with.

  17. Hi Jim, sorry for that. I reinstalled the program and the error says: “Suitcase Fusion could not open the reserve sources located in C:\users\Sanme\AppData\Local\Extensis\Suitcase Fusion\Suitcase Fusion.fontvault”

    I tried everything (until… where I know), but nothing works. Could you help me with this?

    Thanks in advance!

  18. suitcase fusion is all jagged looking in windows 10 on a 4k monitor. the fonts look rough. i’m using this other thing called fontbase which is much worse for organization but it looks CLEAN. is this something that will be addressed any time soon?

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