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What’s that saying about “All work and no play…”? Well, we kinda take that to heart around here at Extensis. We work really hard to create quality software, so occasionally it’s nice to get away from all of the meetings and late nights in front of the computer and do something fun as a group.

This past week we pulled together all of our Technical Support, Sales and Customer Service folks from all around the US and Europe for a bit of knowledge exchange in Portland. It’s great opportunity for us to share what we know, as well as build a little community.

Fortunately, our conference matched up nicely with another annual Extensis tradition, a group outing to the Oregon Brewers Festival.

This year our walk down the Willamette River to the Brew Fest was preceded by a little internal beer tasting contest. We were challenged to correctly identify seven beers by taste alone – and those light pilsners can be a challenging bunch! (I got 4 out of the 7 correct, which I consider a bit of a miracle.)

David, Doug and Jeff won this difficult challenge by correctly identifying 5 out of 7 beers.

Of course, after our difficult little beer challenge, as a group we went down to the beer festival to taste a few other unique beers from Oregon and beyond. No quizzes required. So, we raise our glass to you and yours with a hearty Cheers! Prost! and Salut!

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