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While fonts are the main source of interest around our offices, there is no lack of eccentric and talented people that gather around the coffee pot. Recently two of our own, Catarina and ASA Manager Nigel, took an air born excursion.

We caught up with these flying font masters for a dual-perspective recap of the afternoon adventure:



The day started early! Checking the aviation met weather reports and NOTAM’s (Notices to Air Men); the airways were free from restricted zones, such as the Queens flight, Red Arrows, parachute drop zones, meteorological tethered balloons etc.; and getting PPR (Prior Permission Required). A basic “Flight Plan” where you notify the receiving airport of your details and ETA, and then finish off the paperwork by marking up the chart with wind speed/direction and adjusted compass headings and “Flight Level”. Then… a quick drive to my local Airfield (near Stratford-on-Avon) where G-WENN was waiting for me.

Aircraft daily inspection over, pre flight checks done and we were taxying out to runway 2 0. Final checks done, I apply full power and we are off heading towards the clouds pointing Gwenn on her course and smirk at the traffic jams below as I cruse along at 100 knots. Twenty minutes later, I pass over Extensis Northampton with runway also in sight and permission to land. Soon after I’m on the ground taxing to the apron for parking followed by shut down.

The easy bit over, I now reach behind the seats and lift out Gwenn’s folding push bike, tighten a few wing nuts and head for the office with the little wheels working hard to propel me along the final 5 miles of my morning commute!




Flying is usually quite predictable. Check in, board, and watch the landscape become smaller and smaller through a tiny window. And, this could be another predictable situation if it wasn’t for the fact that there was no check in; boarding didn’t really take forever and the windows weren’t that tiny! Oh, and did I mention this was all during lunch time?

Indeed… Nigel flew me in to work!

Nigel is Extensis ASA Manager, and besides knowing a thing or two about fonts, he also knows about planes. He recently bought Gwenn a tiny glider with tons of character.

From Sywell Aerodrome, in Northampton, we took off, flying over Pitsford reservoir in a lovely sunny afternoon (the kind we don’t see that often in the UK). The 20 minutes, or maybe less, were enough to enjoy the landscape become smaller, and for the passenger (me) getting queasy… not bad for a beginners flight!


For more of the talented characters that grace the Extensis offices, keep up with our blog and check in with us on Twitter!

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