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In honor of the SXSW premier of Gary Huswhit’s documentary on the film Helvetica, we recently posted a font haiku contest. We had an amazing response to the contest with well over 150 unique poems submitted. The haiku were judged by Extenisis employees, and I’m happy to announce the following winners. We had difficulty choosing just one, so we’ve got three top prizes.

First place – winner of the limited edition Helvetica fine art poster by Experimental Jetset

Alex wrote:
Helvetica sits,
watching you try the new fonts.
It knows you’ll be back.

Second place – winner of a fine cache of Extensis swag

Christina wrote:
wedding invite came
they chose brush script mt bold
i give it six months

Third place – winner of a smaller, yet equally snazzy pack of Extensis swag

An anonymous reader, “name goes here” wrote:
Strong, bold, smooth, clean lines.
Like all the men in my life,
You are just my “type”.

Honorable mention winners. Just to give a bit more exposure to some wonderfully witty writing, we’d like to recognize the following haiku for originality and creativity.

Dory wrote:
I sure like your type
maybe on some page we can
spoon like ligatures

Brian Faust wrote:
Ubiquitous font
My mom even knows your name
But I still love you

DJM wrote:
i shot the serif
left him there full of leading
yearning for kerning

Nicole Stamp wrote:
COMIC SANS: a haiku

Hey guys! LOL!
I forward jokes! And cat pics!
I heart MSN.

Sean wrote:
Dale Earnhardt so sad
Helvetica not on car
Mullets at half mast

Craig wrote:
not arial, my
helvetica brings the
boys to the yard

Andi wrote:
Dear Helvetica
My apologetica
as this ditty sucks

Patrick M wrote two good ones:
She misunderstood
When I said she was “Grotesque”
Akzidenz happen

Mind your q and p
Futura’s not ours to see
Que Serif, Serif

Thomas Patrick Hutson wrote:
breakup memories–
she wrote it in Monaco
I cried in Georgia.

Bruce wrote:
Lord Helvetica
One typeface to rule them all
And in print bind them

Eric H. wrote:
Like primates on the
march of time, Helvetica,
your a’s lost their tails

Eddie wrote:
there is no simpler
joy than having all your words
dressed in their finest

Janelle wrote:
helvetica, so
modern, so serif-less so
sue me, i like it.

Kevin wrote:
Please don’t call me fat.
My name is Bauhaus, you jerk –
German for “Big Boned.”

Thanks again to everyone who had a bit of fun creating a haiku or two, and congratulations to our winners!


5 comments on “Helvetica haiku contest winners

  1. Helvetica is a typeFACE not a font. I believe you meant a typeFACE haiku contest.

  2. Good point Leslie. That’s a slip-up on my part. I suppose that it just shows how frequently in this day and age we are likely to use the words font and type interchangeably in everyday communication. My apologies.