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Helvetica documentary posterIn honor of the world premiere of the Helvetica documentary at SXSW today, we’d like to celebrate and honor the achievement by giving away one of the limited edition fine art posters from the movie.

So, just how do you enter the contest?

Write a font-related haiku in the comments section of this post, of course!

The most creative, fun and interesting haiku will be awarded the prize. Judging will be provided by a hand selected group of Extensis employees, so sharpen your wit and let the words flow. If you’re looking for assistance with font identification check out Suitcase Fusion – the professional font manager.

All entries must be posted by 3:00 PST, Friday March 23rd.

The contest is now over thanks for all of your entries. Winners will be announced next week. Thanks!


162 comments on “Helvetica documentary world premier haiku contest

  1. Which of these came first:
    The Super- or the Sub- Script?
    Both are very small.

  2. O Helvetica!
    Standard issue sans serif
    A timeless classic.


    Apple System Font
    You conflict with my PostScript!
    Helvetica, grr.


    System Font Conflict?
    It’s dueling Helveticas
    I must need Suitcase!

    (I know I’m not eligible but I can’t resist a good haiku challenge!)

  3. Metalic type cast
    Precision in formed shapes
    In molten state

    Hot metal old Times
    Cross the T’s and dot the I’s
    Simple with Fusion.

    Hot seat now in type
    To ensure every font right
    Last word not missing!

    Editor panics:
    “Keep Helvetica styles!”
    Cool head saves much more

    Helvetica bold,
    Helvetica semi bold
    I can now decide!

    OK so I know I’m not eligible either but this is fun!

  4. Ubiquitous font
    My mom even knows your name
    But I still love you


    font-family: “You”;
    Native on PC and Mac
    Putting Arial to shame


    Born of Swiss Style
    New name now pronouncable
    Brother Neue is sexier


    In my design class
    I got hit for using you
    Retro IS cool, though

  5. true happiness comes
    from beautiful letters
    laid out on the screen

    there is no simpler
    joy than having all your words
    dressed in their finest

  6. Too many drinks? Yes.
    But still wrote killer haiku.
    I dru

  7. comic sans is on
    taped-up public bathroom signs
    for patrons only.

    times new roman, you
    seem so stiff, establishment
    garbled when too small.

    georgia, sweet georgia
    round, yet solid — like grandma
    recipe print-outs.

    jokerman, you are
    not so witty as you seem
    high school book report.

    arial, my love
    plain, yet fresh… glass of cold milk.
    drink you in ten point.

  8. My Typographic History (in haikus)

    My EditWriter
    had clear font sheets set on drums
    and a floppy disk

    From WordStar we wrote
    transferred stories by cable
    CompuGraphic nights.

    Developed in darkrooms,
    waxed slick, paste on galleys
    correct typos, X-Acto

    PageMaker arrived
    and the PostScript era dawned
    Palatino rocked.

    Now there’s InDesign
    and a hard disk full of fonts
    Hoefler, ITC

    No photocopied
    fonts from the Letraset book
    blown up optically

    Design is eternal,
    serif sans italic glee,
    client wants it now.


    Art in letterforms.
    Defining the finer norms.
    As genius performs.

    Strong intrinsically.
    Apex of simplicity.
    Copied frequently.

    Visual rapture,
    Tyopgraphical master,
    Three lines can’t capture.

  10. Kill a man and with
    his blood, leave a note to tell
    why you chose murder

    But write that note in
    C Futura Bold, because
    it’s a lovely font

  11. Use Helvetica
    Punctuation when work says
    “Times New only, please.”

    Plain on the surface;
    Won’t tolerate g and r
    (Quite snobbish indeed).

  12. I had an affair
    But Meta Plus foresake me
    Kerning broke my heart

    Arial is Dead!
    Long live Helvetica Neue!
    Typographic prince

    Witless imposter
    Despair Arial, you fool!
    Helvetica bests

  13. Dead Dadaist yawn
    At their script now tamed billboards
    For 5th Ave. ad reps.

  14. There once was a font called Nantucket,

    Oh, sorry. Guess I’m over-excited about St. Paddy’s Day.

  15. Oh Helvetica,
    why treat me like a comic-sans?
    Don`t you know it`s not the size of my wingdings?
    You`re the only one in the Univers for me!

  16. She misunderstood
    When I said she was “Grotesque”
    Akzidenz happen

    Stupid McSweeney’s!
    Now I can’t see Garamond
    Without thinking: “twee”

    Best actor ever:
    Henry Winkler, as “The Fontz”?

    Mind your q and p
    Futura’s not ours to see
    Que Serif, Serif

    Post-Soon-Yi Previn,
    Windsor EF Light Condensed
    Somehow seems dirty

  17. Egg-shaped and awkward,
    and you have no descenders.
    I hate you, Hobo.

    A font made of trains.
    You are named Choo Choo. Of course!
    Why do you taunt me?

  18. Not today, not ever, Thank you!

    rejection letters
    always in Times New Roman
    evoke Gothic grief


    mutually vexed,
    like Dingbats and Corsiva:
    vitae and talent

    marion d s dreyfus 20(c)07

  19. That Song

    A B C… D… … E
    I can’t remember the rest…
    Someone help me out?

  20. stocky and homely
    your curves are nonexistent
    like girls at thirteen

    you are a default
    i change you to futura
    but you haunt me still

    i shot the serif
    im sorry times new roman
    you slept with my wife

  21. Universe’s bell
    Grotesque aerial cobble:
    Avant-garde din

    (or if you prefer)

    Avant Garde DIN
    Grotesk Arial Kabel
    Univers’ Bell

  22. oops. i guess that should be:

    Lord Helvetica
    One typeface to rule them all
    And in print bind them

  23. Another one (if that’s okay)

    Please don’t call me fat.
    My name is Bauhaus, you jerk –
    German for “Big Boned.”

  24. Trebuchet: “friendly”,
    Large x-heights, rounded features.
    Named for a missile launcher.

  25. Employ a typeface –
    Characters will work for ink
    As your hired glyphs

    Comic Sans indeed
    I find your choice apropos
    No sense of humor

  26. beautiful font
    I love the e but not,
    alas, the g


    two letters
    long to touch
    but can’t

    perfect curve
    a hole within

    ants march
    to foreign lands

    sans serif
    something missing
    nothing lost

  27. Designers face off
    On new reality show:
    “Last Comic Sans-ing”

    “Sun”, “Square”, “X”, “Carrot”..?
    Is this whole thing in Dingbats?
    Carson, you devil!

    Kristen ITC,
    We will always have Juarez.
    (Age of consent’s twelve.)

    Do not be confused!
    I did not write on your screen:
    I used Vivaldi.

    I thought I’d make an
    “Ode to a Grecian Kern” joke
    Here. (Lipsum culpa.)

  28. Fleeing from sameness
    In my design and newsprint—
    There you are, my friend.

    The haiku was writ
    Before I noticed: I was
    Using Arial.

    When one writes a name
    Set it in Helvetica.
    Others just look wrong.

  29. Like primates on the
    march of time, Helvetica,
    your a’s lost their tails

    Then automaton
    Arial mimed your form and
    your R’s lost their hips

  30. Highest sacrilege
    To suggest there’s more import
    In substance than shape.


    Ubiquitous font…
    frame for my wandering thoughts
    structure my lost verse.

  31. Helvetica

    Strong, bold, smooth, clean lines.
    Like all the men in my life,
    You are just my “type”.

  32. A designer will get a manuscript.

    He’ll vet it carefully.

    “Helvetica will be OK.”

  33. god damn, PTA!
    what possessed you to vote Comic
    for the school marquee?

    courier plus one
    noisy keyboard makes me a
    real live journalist

  34. feels like home
    rings a bell
    cow or chocolate?
    heart of gold!
    forgotten books in frozen words
    avant-garde and
    old fashioned

  35. Popularity
    Will lead to snarky comments
    From jealous children

    Yes, you’re a tad bland
    But who’s more reliable?
    Sweet Helvetica