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Last week I delivered a presentation on effective font management using Suitcase Fusion to a group of graphic designers and creative professionals at The InDesign Seminar Tour in Denver, Colorado.

To align my presentation with the seminar’s focus on providing tips, tricks and techniques that boost productivity, I spent most of the time talking about the new time saving features in Suitcase Fusion 3. I also had the pleasure of awarding one lucky attendee a free copy of Suitcase Fusion!

The seminar attendees brought up several good questions about the details of font auto-activation and system fonts conflicts. Of course these were easy to answer since Suitcase Fusion uses Font Sense to always activate the correct font and can automatically de-activate conflicting system fonts.

The next stop for The InDesign Seminar Tour is Dallas, TX  on March 3rd where we’ll be presenting again and giving away another copy of Suitcase Fusion 3. If you can’t make it, don’t worry – you can read our Font Management Best Practices Guide (PDF) or download a free trial of Suitcase Fusion 3.

What type of font management topics would you want to learn about at an InDesign seminar?


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