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The duplication of files, fonts and other data can be a huge problem for any team. Not only does it fill up storage media, it also makes it incredibly more difficult to locate what you’re looking for.

If you’ve had a creative team for very long, you will inevitably start building up a collection of fonts. Some creative teams that have been around for decades have built up massive collections of tens of thousands of them. Now, if these fonts are just stored individually on a network drive or other location, it’s quite easy to build up a massive number of duplicate font files.

One of the benefits of implementing a top quality font manager is that fonts are all stored in a central location. In Universal Type Server and Suitcase Fusion, this location is called the “Font Vault.” Only a single unique copy of a font is allowed within the Vault, effectively deduplicating the data . This means that those twelve identical copies of Helvetica that are floating around your file server would effectively be cleaned up, and only a single clean copy would remain.

While many it is fairly easy to cleanup your collection on your own, our ICS team is called in to help some groups. Some of these groups have had massive collections with no real organization to speak of, and it’s not unheard of for a over 20,000 files to be whittled down to the essential 7,000 fonts for those teams. This streamlining was accomplished through data deduplication in the Font Vault, as well as removal of corrupt and outdated fonts.

If you would like to chat with our team about how effective font management and even our ICS team can help clean up your team’s mess, please contact us.

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