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Hypatia Sans ProWe reported not too long ago about the two new typefaces from Adobe that come with Adobe Creative Suite 3, Arno Pro and Hypatia Sans Pro. Arno is one of the fonts that are installed with the product, and Hypatia Sans is provided as a bonus for registering the suite.

Adobe recently put up pages on their site that give you an overview of the new fonts:

Adobe has been doing the registration incentives since the inception of the Creative Suite model:


3 comments on “Arno Pro and Hypatia Sans Pro, the new CS3 fonts

  1. Dear,

    Adobe sends me an email with the information that I registered my Adobe Acobat Pro very well. In that email I can get a free font named “Hypatia Sans Pro” as a present for my registration. The only problem I have is that there is no possibility to click on that file (no link) to get the free font.
    Can you give me extra information how to get the free font?

    Kind regards

    Nicolaas De Schryver

  2. Unfortunately, we have a corporate install, and we didn’t get the free fonts. I’d recommend contacting adobe customer support directly. They should be able to help you.


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