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The Golden Age of Typography is Now

Typography experts estimate that there are more than 300,000 fonts in existence, and more emerging from designer’s workshops every day. We did a quick search of the popular MyFonts to get one example and a bit of a perspective on this number. The results blew us away. On that one site alone, you can find:

31,000 font families

4,000 individual type designers

2,000 professional font foundries*

*Numbers procured from this page.


…that’s quite a bit more than a drop down menu can hold. How many could we find in your personal collection? Are you getting the most out of your library?

Top Places to Build Out Your Font Collection


There’s a double-edged-sword at play here. As the number of free fonts & type options ever-inflates, so does the time you need to invest in curating your collection. “Every good designer doesn’t use more than a few typefaces.” Have you heard this conviction from celebrated designer Massimo Vignelli?

So, we suggest that before you skim through our list of hunting grounds for new, fun fonts, get a hold of your unruly tangle of fonts with Suitcase Fusion. You can even try it free for 30 days!


Top Places to Build Out Your Font Collection

Type Libraries

One way to build your collection quickly is to license an entire library. There are many to choose from: Adobe, Ascender,, Bitstream, Monotype ITC, and many more offer up the option to license full libraries.

While it might not be a readily known fact, Monotype has steadily been purchasing many of the historical font libraries from around the globe. Monotype now owns,,,, and more. While these can be great sources of high quality typography, it can be relatively difficult for a small, talented designer to get the attention she deserves in such a scenario.


Independent Foundries

Independent type foundries, often conducted by the type designers themselves, offer some real typographic gems. Typewolf brushed together a list of his 24 favorite independent type foundries after the Monotype-FontShop merger. It’s still highly relevant.

Some of the highlights include:

Skim though the image below for more shoutouts to greats like Lineto, Type Together, Type Trust, Hoefler & Co. and more.

Top Places to Build Out Your Font Collection



Behance, Creative Market, Dribble & Google Fonts (Free Fonts? Wha?)

These are some great places to see what creative people are experimenting with. You probably won’t find full-fledged font families, but you will find some fun display type.

Top Places to Build Out Your Font Collection


There is an extensive list of curated free font collections on Behance, each with juicy creations, new and old. As if Behance wasn’t scroll-worthy enough already.

With discoverable gems from an array of designers of all levels and geography, it’s an excellent place to go to find new ideas in type.


Top Places to Build Out Your Font Collection


Creative Market features over 7,000 fonts from independent creators and handpicks fonts for you based on your tastes. That’s a win-win.


Top Places to Build Out Your Font Collection


If free is more of your price point, check out this Curated Collection of the 30 Best Google Fonts. A plus: these free fonts can be automatically downloaded to your machine by Suitcase Fusion or Suitcase Attaché.

If Google Docs is to your liking, try this free add-on. “Extensis Fonts” is a dynamic panel where you can browse, preview, and apply any of the Google Fonts directly in Google Docs. Cool, huh?


Top Places to Build Out Your Font Collection


Dribble is a more casual, and slightly less productive hangout than Behance, but the scrolling for the sake of entertainment and inspiration is just as good—it’s like a show-and-tell for designers.

Admit it: after simply scrolling through this list, you’re ready to download a wave of new fonts to onto your computer. Of course, doing so buries the fonts you’ll find yourself needing next week. Suitcase Fusion is designed to remedy exactly this problem.


Top Places to Build Out Your Font Collection


Organize, streamline, and up your PC’s speed, and your font-finding efficiency with a complete font overhaul courtesy of Suitcase Fusion. Font corruption: a thing of the past. Oh, and a lawsuit because you didn’t read the End User License Agreement (EULA): not gonna happen.

Where are your favorite places to build and maintain your font collection? Tell us on Twitter @extensis. And just for you (and all of your designer friends) we always offer a free 30-day trial of Suitcase Fusion. Why wouldn’t you?

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