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Recently we surveyed thousands of creative professionals to learn how they used fonts in their workflow.

I recently compiled the results into a report that summarizes the findings. These include:

  • More than 50% of designers have had their toe in the font piracy waters – 59% of designers have traded fonts with others and 50% of designers have brought outside fonts into the office.
  • One third of designers “locate” copies of fonts online without the appropriate licensing.
  • More than 80% of designers don’t regularly read font licenses, and 78% of designers who do read find them confusing.
  • More than 60% of designers don’t have a clear understanding of what they can do with the fonts they license.
  • 57% of designers are not clear on their organization’s font licensing policies.

Most of all, designers just want to get their job done, and do it in the fastest, best way possible. So, while not all of these stats are surprising, not all of them are necessarily the designers who are at fault.

Read the full report to see all of the stats, and learn how your team can take steps to avoid running afoul of font licensing.

Download the report.

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One comment on “Report: The Hidden Risks of Font Misuse

  1. Great report, glad someone worked out how designers really use fonts, rather than how they ‘say’ they use them!

    I’ve shown it to some colleagues, some who asked what a Zip disk was 😉

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