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As initially reported by TMZ, recording artist Cher has landed into some legal troubles for the type design used on the cover of her 2013 album Closer to the Truth.

Type designer Moshik Nadev created his work Paris Logo back in 2011 and claims that the design used on her album cover is a rip-off of his. They do seem to be quite similar, it’s pretty plain to see.



Now, does this warrant a $5 million dollar lawsuit? That’s an interesting question.

While I’m not a lawyer, from what I understand, typefaces themselves can’t be copyrighted, but the software used to deliver then can.

So, did the person who drew Cher’s logo draw everything for themselves? Or did they take the “shortcut” and digitally copy Nadev’s work?

Most of us know that you can’t copy, share or rename a font file and sell it as your own. Maybe this type of use falls into a gray area. It depends upon how the final artwork was created.

Designers are apt to be inspired by each other, and have even been told to “stealat times.

Of course, I would not recommend that you pirate, steal or illegally download any creative work that you don’t have rights to use. As creative professionals, we do ourselves a disservice if we choose to ignore the right that others have to fair compensation for their creative work.

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Note: This story was also reported by The Daily Mail and International Business Times.

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One comment on “Cher faces legal troubles from typography and design on recent album

  1. I’d just like to say that, as an artist herself, Cher might have recognized that there were copyright laws. I love Cher dearly! I have followed her since I was a pimple-faced teenie-bopper! LOL
    But, as pointed out, typefaces fall into a ‘grey area’. And, it was probably a design team that chose the typeface, anyway, not particularly Cher. But, if indeed the typeface can be proven to be Moshik Nadev’s, then he should be compensated. But, 5 million? I wonder, like someone, at Daily Mail – UK, commented, if it were me using the typeface, would he be going after me?
    I’m split on this, myself. As an artist, I understand there is a vast misuse problem of misuse by others of folks’ design work. ‘Intellectual content’, a term that describes the literary and artistic material, is ambiguous, at best. What exactly does that entail and how is it different?
    I’m sure the legal eagles will argue til the moon shines black, it will sit in the courts for longer than Manson’s murder trial, and all parties will have moved on. LOL

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