Sweet Suite 500

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An ultra-violet 125 gallon saltwater fish tank greets you as you enter the suite.  The water is settling and the PH levels are being balanced before two dozen South American Cichlids will be introduced to their new home.  Beyond these exotic fish lie the people who make up Extensis… and we can relate to what they’re about to go through…


After spending a couple of months as physically disseminated but otherwise collective departments, the walls have come down, the dust has settled, the paint has dried, and we’ve finally reunited in our new home. (read more about our remodel, and check out all our photos on Pinterest)  A rejuvenated version of our old home.  A newer, sweeter Suite 500.  We’re adjusting to our new environment, acclimating to this new open space concept, and trying to memorize the names and locations of the new conference rooms (Alberta, Mississippi, Hawthorne and Belmont, as determined by the naming contest winner, which may or may not have been me!?!?!)   The colors are loud and the light filters into spaces previously blocked by office walls…creativity and innovation should flow freely in this new environment.  And when the creativity isn’t flowing, the music clearly is…through the fancy, over-ear, audio-technica headphones that Extensis provided as a “housewarming” gift to our team.


Personal space is limited, chords and wires are hanging exposed like vines in a jungle, so there’s some improvising and compromising going; with walls serving as giant white boards and big screen TV’s displaying the status of the current scrum iteration, collaborative and creative potential is vast and the energy is positive.


As we await the custom typographic art that will soon embellish the bright walls, we’re trying to come up with creative fish names for our impending office mates.

Any sweet fish name ideas???

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