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Extensis Volunteers at the Oregon Food Bank

Most people know Portland as a great city with great people, microbrews, coffee, and liquid sunshine (rain), but what makes Portland even better is our sense of community. For many years, Extensis has given employees paid time off for volunteering. On March 3rd, a group of about 20 Extensis employees decided to give back by volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank. Our tasks were divided into shifts.

The Oregon Food Bank

Shift 1: Put the lime in the coconut or perhaps just put the coconut in the bag.
We spent a couple hours packaging, labeling and repackaging 3,800 pounds of shredded coconut from 40 pound bales. We also may have had a few small food fights, created a mess and tried to have friendly competition to see who could package the coconut the fasted. All this activity led to creating 3,100 hundred meals for local families. What can you do with so much coconut? Make delicious, tropical granola, top off yogurt or eat it by hand as a mid-day snack. It sounds great, but many of us will be taking a few days off from anything coconut related.



Extensis at the Oregon Food Bank

Shift 2: It’s a myth. One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch.
We took several 1,000 pound crates of apples and packaged them into individual mesh bags, which by the time you get to the bottom of the barrel – there were definitely some that were spoiled. Although mom is right about almost everything, she was wrong about one bad apple spoiling the whole bunch. We packaged over 15,500 pounds of apples which created over 13,000 meals for families in Oregon.

Both shifts generated over 16,100 meals and packaged a whooping 19,300 pounds of food!

IMG_6901 (3)


Thank you to the Oregon Food Bank for having us and thank you to those unheralded volunteers who help make Oregon special. Let’s all remember how blessed we are and be sure to give back more often.

For more information on the Oregon Food Bank, please visit

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