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logo_dx3_bannerI spent last week in wonderfully chilly Toronto, Canada for the the annual DX3 conference.

As it happens I landed on the evening when the only snowstorm of significance this year was heading in (20-30 cm expected). Of course, this was nothing to the brave folks of Toronto who just pop up their fur lined hood and walk headfirst into the driving snow.

Toronto is a cosmopolitain, multicultural city, and wonderful place to meet people from all over the world. It’s easy to hear a multitude of languages just walking a couple of blocks downtown. Man how I love this city!

I was here to share what’s new in Extensis technology with the fine digital marketers, advertisers and publishers of the great, cold North. I found everyone very welcoming and excited to learn more about Digital Asset Management and Font Management.

As marketers, we regularly create a ton of content that helps inform potential customers about what we create. We do so at Extensis, creating flyers, emails, logos, web ads, and more. Having so many files to manage, even with a file folder structure on the network, things can get more than a bit squirrelly. We use our own product, Extensis Portfolio 2016 to manage all of these “digital assets.” As I shared my experiences, it seemed to me that many of you also have these type of messy file problems. Take Portfolio for a spin and see if it’s right for you.

As I travel quite a bit for my job, I’m always happy to search for new locations and fare to share. I typically use Yelp to do so, and found two great places this time. The Shore Club and Miku were standouts of this trip. I highly recommend them both!

TeaBOTMy favorite thing at the trade show floor was right around the corner from where I was sitting. Built by people whose passion runs in the direction of both beverages and robots, I bring you the teaBOT. I recommend getting one for your team if you have the space.

Oh, and one final note. The “man bun” is still not considered passé here yet. In such a fashion-forward town like Toronto, I would have expected to see the next “big thing.” There were plenty of beards, of course. Both the carefully manicured “hipster” beards, but also the “I’ve been in the woods for a month, what of it?” beards. I like that. Keep that up Canada. Good on ya!

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