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If you’re a Gmail user, you’re probably accustomed to the tried and true blue and white look of the mail application. Well, if you haven’t been upgraded yet, you probably will soon have a myriad of different email themes to choose from.

Choosing a new theme re-skins your entire mail window so that it has different colors, graphics and features. I like being able to change how an application looks, but changing colors isn’t what I immediately noticed. What I like the most is that Google chose to update their Gmail logo with many of the themes.

Here’s the standard Gmail logo.

Many have two color treatment where the entire logo is a single dark or light color, like this one from the New Blue theme.

Things start to get fancy when gradient colors are applied to the logo in the Sunset theme.

The Shiny theme is by far my favorite. Using a sleek, modern sans-serif typeface with a subtle hint of a reflection.

The Desk theme takes a very informal approach to the logo implementation.

The Beach theme uses yet another another informal sans-serif typeface.

The ZooZimps theme logo takes the traditional ‘Google doodle‘ approach to the logo by adding little characters to the lettering.

A playful serif face is used for the Candy theme Gmail logo.

And sketchy lettering the is what was chosen for the Bus Stop theme.

The Ninja and Tea house themes both use a informal, slightly italicized face. I wonder if they added the crossbar to the letter A?

And the final Gmail logo really took me back to my days learning to program in Basic on a Tandy TRS-80. Gotta love that terminal look.


6 comments on “New Gmail themes and logo typography

  1. I’m also in love with the Shiny theme. Do you know what font is used for the gmail logo? It’s simply beautiful!

  2. How can I change the theme on my computer?
    I changed it at another one but silly me–I
    thought changing it on one would be my theme
    where ever I opened my mail. Let me know, please.
    I miss my mountains.

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