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DAMOver the past decade, companies large and small have amassed thousands, if not millions, of rich media files as going “digital” has become foundational to business success. From digital and content marketing, to creating digital retail experiences or digitizing historical art collections, most industries now are fully steeped in the digital universe.

As digital file collections grow, so does the need for an efficient organizational system. Many companies come to us for the simple reason that finding the files they need has become a time consuming process. The frustration and inefficiency becomes the breaking point.

In these early stages, many companies question whether they should try building their own digital asset management system, or buy from an established vendor.

In a recent blog posted at the DAM Learning Center, Toby Martin explored this topic in depth, weighing the pros and cons of BYO-DAM (building your own-DAM).

If you are currently weighing this question, it’s worth a read.

Additionally, we’ve put together some resources to help companies evaluate if a DAM solution is right for them, how to measure ROI, and overall best practices. You can find all these tools in our DAM Toolkit.



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