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Yup, spring has finally sprung. In the northern hemisphere, we’re starting to see our days getting longer and the winter weather subsiding.

For me, it’s also a time to pull myself out of the winter blahs, and get going on new projects. It’s time to take those dusty ideas that I placed on a shelf months ago and begin to make them a reality. Writing for a living, I have a ton of ideas – websites, books, projects and papers – all of which could be really fun to spend some time creating.

The most important thing is to decide what you want out of your project, and that’ll help you decide which project to pursue.

Are you looking to bring in more clients for you small business? Perhaps looking to gain some street cred? Perhaps a project for a contest might suit your needs best. At the end, if you win an award, what better way to tout your skills to potential clients. And, better yet, if your project is for a non-profit, you’ll gain exposure to many potential new customers through that client’s contacts.

Since we’re in a tough job market, if you’ve got the extra time, why not use it to learn a new bit of technology? Designing websites may have been a hobby in your past. Why not use this time to bone up on your CSS chops? If you want to do it quick and dirty, start up a site using WordPress or Drupal, then spend your time learning the ins and outs of site customization.

Or do you simply need a creative outlet that’s different than your core job function? I have a friend who recently started hosting a daily English-language radio show in Korea. It’s entirely outside of his normal job as an English professor at one of the local universities. I’ve seen how this job has brought an entirely new spark to his life.

Personally, I plan to spend a little time in the evenings fleshing out one of my projects. I haven’t quite decided which one just yet. I’m going to start by making a list of all of the ideas, then pick the one that best meets my requirements of it being fun, as well as require new skills .

The most important part, is getting started.

So what are you waiting for? Get your rear in gear and create something!

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