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The New York Times isn’t necessarily a newspaper or website that I think of when I think of innovative design. The Times is a paper that typically goes with tried and true respectable designs that lend credibility to their stories (whatever side of the political fence you fall).

That’s why I was surprised to see a feisty use of typography on their website in their recent ‘Buzzwords of 2008‘ story. The story includes images in that display each buzzword, that is filled with colorful imagery. The typeface is consistent throughout, which makes it a bit more grounded. Had they gone with varying typefaces, it would have been even more distracting to the eye.

While this approach definitely isn’t perfect for most stories, I think that this was a great opportunity for them to branch out and try new things on their site.

BTW, anyone know which font was used? I tried to identify it in’s What the Font, but came up empty handed.

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