Logos Through The Years

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Nokia LogosTake a good look at that top logo. Does it look familiar to you? Odds are good the answer is no. Of course looking down below at the rest of the images shows you what logo you are actually looking at.

I think logos are really interesting. I have a friend starting a business and it’s been quite the process to find something usable. There are a lot of things that look great when they’re huge, but scaled down for a business card or some other small use they lose all the detail. Designed for something tiny, blown up they look like they are lacking. Finding that balance has been really tough. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. As time marches on, there are a number of logos that have changed over time. Nokia is just one of the companies covered by Neatorama in this post about tech companies and their logos.

I found in a quick search that not only are there a lot of logos that have evolved, but the companies themselves have put that info on the web for everyone to see. Canon, Kodak, Castrol, Shell, and Bic have all posted info on their logos, and I like seeing how they started and where they are now. In unofficial formats I read a fascinating post about Atari‘s logo, and a cool post about PBS over time.

As is usually the case, I even found a couple of blogs devoted to JUST this sort of thing! Both Brand Autopsy and Logo Design blog about different brands and their current visibility and design choices (good OR bad). I love this stuff! Brand Autopsy has a nice post on Starbucks, and Logo Design has a great article on the evolution of a few other brands.

I find that branding and logos and such are always a good read, but especially now that I have a friend who is going through this process I am looking at them completely differently. This has also been interesting because as I talk to him about the logo he is looking for and trying to find the balance I mentioned, I am discovering that spending all this time working at Extensis has REALLY changed my perspective on design and informed my opinion in ways I didn’t even know about until I started answering questions and telling him things that were just rattling around in my head. I had no idea this is where I was until this last few months when I was telling him what logos were good and bad and why and I was listening to myself and thinking, “where did that come from?” and being very surprised that I had this opinion, let alone the info to back it up. I mean, I know that I’ve been influenced and informed by every single place I’ve ever worked, but finding out I was turning all creative as a result of being here makes me all kinds of happy. This is the kind of stuff I always had an opinion about but now I can tell you why. And believe me, I will TOTALLY tell you. 🙂


7 comments on “Logos Through The Years

  1. Thats pretty cool, how far Nokia has come, its amazing how things change. Thanks for the other link and for sharing this not many people would think of going back and comparing.

  2. Logo’s will always be apart of things, and they will always continue to change, and we can see that not only with Nokia, but will all branded companies.

    The other links were great reads as well, thanks for sharing them.

    Looking forward to always see new logos in the future.

  3. Don’t you just love new logos I certainly do, it give the brand a whole new feel and look, and the creativity that has been happening of late is just remarkable, like for example, we have different mobile service providers and the one has just relaunched a whole new look, and their marketing has also change in a huge way and I have to say that its amazing how in doing this, the brand has taken off again, not that I would actually use them, but others have changed to them. Branding and logos do make a world of difference when change and made more modern.

  4. Logo’s will forever change as modern times change we have to move forward we can’t be stuck in the past even though we would love to as some of the past time logo’s were really awesome, some of my best ones that I can remember would be those of Coke Cola, they have always had brilliant adverts as well as logo’s.
    I really enjoy seeing the changes that these big companies make to their logos.

  5. Wow Saab really had some changes when it came to their logo’s in the past, but then again so did may of the bigger companies, change is always go one can’t get stuck in the past forever.
    Look how Audi has changed, look how BMW, Lego, Ford, Firefox, WWF, they all have changed, but in a small way they have kept a little of what their logo was back in the day.
    Check out this site http://www.amitbhawani.com/blog/logos-past-present/
    its amazing what you will see.

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