Font haiku contest winners

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We had a ton of funny, creative and interesting posts in our font haiku contest. Our panel of judges met this morning and after a bit of hearty deliberation in a smoke-filled back room, here are the final results.

The winner of the $50 iTunes gift certificate and Extensis prize pack is Krishna.

the earth is made of
70% water
rest, helvetica

Second place, winning Starbucks gift cards and more goes to Megan E.

once we were thisclose
now Gill Condensed wants spacing
please don’t lead me on

And third place goes to Leach with his entry:

On the midnight train,
There it sits, italicized:
‘Georgia’ on my mind.

Congratulations to all of the winners! You have our undying admiration.

I also would be remiss if I didn’t publicize a few honorable mentions. These other poems were in close contention for the lead. We give you all virtual high-fives.

Lonnon Foster
Ironic t-shirts
Would have diminished impact
Without Cooper Black.

Alastair Wyllie
Stealthy, he walks in
All eyes trace his descenders
Franklin turned Gothic

Mike D
How do I love the
Binary? Let me count the
ways. One, two. Two ways.

grotesk collisions!
won’t stand for your bad leading.
akzidenz or not.

John Coulthart
Obama gave you
A nation’s love. But Gotham
You’ll always be mine

Razor sharp serifs
balanced by those lovely curves,
I love Bodoni.

Angela Seear
helvetica neue
i think he’s cheating on me
lipstick on his tie

Jen Cooper
Georgia on my mind.
Where have you gone, Matthew Carter?
Be my valentine.

Patrick M
I composed this one
On a Linotype machine


5 comments on “Font haiku contest winners

  1. The winner isn’t in Haiku form? How can someone win a haiku contest if they didn’t follow the 5-7-5 haiku form? Disappointing.

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