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* This image is from the My Favourite Letters Pool on Flickr. Most of the images are deskstop sized, and this one was my favorite.

Portland is full of graphic designers, web designers, freelance designers, and all kinds of other super creative types. One of them happens to be Bram Pitoyo, geek about town and general fan of type and and good design. He recently did a couple of articles for Designer Daily about typefaces, and alternatives to (sometimes tired) old standards that get trotted out from time to time.

Bram wrote two of these: One for serif type, and one for sans serif type. Both of them were very interesting because I realized there were a lot of alternatives that sometimes people don’t always consider when it comes to using type in design. It’s one of those things like getting a haircut or wearing slimmer clothes-people may notice A change, but they aren’t sure what it is exactly. I found a lot of use in the sans serif article because I prefer sans serif fonts in virtually everything, so seeing Helsinki and that adorable little Bryant were very appealing. But even Neohellenic was a lot nicer to look at than I figured it would be, what with the serifs and all.

I know I spend a lot of time with fonts, and know more about fonts than a lot of people (those would be the people to whom I have to explain my Battlestar Helvetica shirt is NOT a typo). But Bram is, and I say this in the nicest possible way, a power type nerd of a VERY high magnitude. Picking his brain on font knowledge is a VERY fun experience (if you enjoy type discussion, that is), and if you do ask him font questions you can tell he’s enjoying every minute. It is like asking me about Star Wars!

So dig a little bit into these articles and find some new perspectives on the same old words. It can be fun to shake things up with a different font, and people will wonder what your secret is!

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