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Creative Fuel: Mindful Web Design—Mental Notes

Mental Notes brings together 50 insights from psychology—an easy reference & brainstorming tool.

We’re kicking off Creative Fuel—a blog series geared to get your creative synapsis fully firing. Here, we’ll be offering up inspirational tools that can jumpstart the creative process and help your ideas become more powerful, meaningful, and compelling.

“Bring a little psychology to your web design”

Creative Fuel: Mindful Web Design—Mental Notes Card #45, Competition

Whether you’re creating a website or a software application, psychology plays an important role in the success of how users interact with your design. However, we often forget to consider what motivates people on the most rudimentary level. Basic things that pull people in such as competition, social proof, and curiosity. One of my favorite ways to bring psychology into the design process at almost any stage of creative development is this handy reference tool, Mental Notes. Created by Stephen P. Anderson, a web designer turned sought-after design consultant, Mental Notes is comprised of a deck of 50 cards, each holding a psychological insight into human behaviors and how these facts can be applied to the design of websites, web applications, and software applications.

This reference tool has become such an invaluable tool for designers it’s actually back-ordered! But it will be helpful to stay in the know because there’s an expansion pack, a digital version, and perhaps even a mobile app in the works. Sign up and stay in the loop concerning Mental Notes.

Creative Fuel: Mindful Web Design—Mental Notes Behavior Cube (BeCube)

The Mental Notes Behavior Cube (“BeCube”)

In the mean time, check out The Mental Notes Behavior Cube for free. Dubbed “BeCube” for short, this six-sided die asks the big behavior questions and answers with lists of valid motivators you should consider during development.

Check back for another dose of mental floss from our Creative Fuel series each month.

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