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Ban Comic Sans 2You know that a topic has gone full circle when it bubbles up into the mainstream. It took a while before the technologies of blogging and Twitter hit the mainstream. Now, they are both commonly used by individuals, corporations and beyond. I suppose that though time and exposure, any topic can bubble up beyond those with a special interest into the mainstream.

That’s exactly what has happened to the debate surrounding the typeface Comic Sans. Yup, the ubiquitous font that’s on all of our Windows machines, that has long been the subject of debate with design-nerds, is now a topic that you can chat over with your family at the dinner table. It’s been codified in the Wall Street Journal, so you have our permission to argue its merits with Uncle Bob at the family reunion. You can even point him to any of the myriad of websites that publicly express their love or disdain for it. For example:

Heck, check out the response that a design blog got for their April Fools day joke of changing all of the type on their site to Comic Sans.

Maybe you can even convince someone that Comic Sans is an expression of the “evil of typographic ignorance.” And while you’re at it, feel free to let them know how much a font manager like Suitcase Fusion 2 could help manage the thousands of other fonts that they’ll be using instead of Comic Sans.

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One comment on “Comic Sans and the Wall Street Journal

  1. Well, by far the biggest users of Comic Sans are the Windows users with it preinstalled…. and you don’t offer them Suitcase Fusion 2.

    Great link though. Entertaining read.

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