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Extensis Volunteers at the Oregon Food Bank

Hold on to your hair nets – 26 employees from Extensis gathered today for to volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank, and we couldn’t be more honored to be sending out 9,445 meals into our community!


Extensis is a huge proponent of community service, offering employees paid time off for volunteering. Each year, Extensis gathers a team to work together at the Oregon Food Bank and this year was  our biggest crew yet (including our entire management team!)

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Today’s mission involved sorting the good from the bad, ensuring only the best apples were packaged up to send off to families across Oregon.  We took several 1,000 pound crates of apples and bundled them into individual mesh bags. At the end of the shift the scales reported we’d sorted 11,334 pounds… that’s a lot of apples!


Thank you to the Oregon Food Bank for having us and thank you to those unheralded volunteers who help make Oregon special. Let’s all remember how blessed we are and be sure to give back more often.

For more information on the Oregon Food Bank, please visit


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