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Today we’re happy to release an update to the Universal Type Client font manager that includes font auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe® Creative Suite 6 (CS6) applications.

The updates are available as a FREE download for  both OS® X and Windows®, and include plug-ins for Adobe InDesign®, Illustrator® and InCopy®*.

Download the new Universal Type Client installers here.

Universal Type Server is used by organizations to ensure the efficient distribution, organization and license compliance of fonts in creative workflows. Type Server is employed across many industries including advertising and marketing agencies, broadcast and media, business, finance, retail, educational, nonprofit and government agencies.

Notable Extensis font management clients include: The Art Institutes, J Walter Thompson, Publicis Groupe, Simon & Schuster, Smithsonian Institution, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and USA Today.

* NOTE: We will make a new Photoshop CS6 plug-in available as soon as an issue within Photoshop has been resolved by Adobe. Adobe CS5 & 5.5 plug-ins remain functional for Photoshop.

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The National Geographic Society, a media icon for more than 100 years, manages its library of more than 10,000 fonts used to create its collection of magazines, books and interactive media. We’re extremely proud that Universal Type Server is trusted by this prestigious institution to manage their font collections.

National Geographic Society has hundreds of creative professionals who work across multiple publications, including the flagship National Geographic magazine, National Geographic Traveler and National Geographic Kids. Their breadth of magazines, books and marketing materials are read by more than 300 million people each month in every country in the world. In keeping with the brand’s upstanding reputation for visual and editorial excellence, National Geographic Society uses thousands of fonts to create these iconic pieces.

With such a vast library of fonts, it’s imperative that National Geographic Society have a system to distribute fonts to their creative teams while maintaining effective font licensing control. Keeping all the various design groups in synch, and legal with the right fonts, is critical.

According to Dave E. Smith, VP of Publishing Systems Technology for National Geographic, “It’s imperative that we comply with font license terms without hindering production work. Universal Type Server allows us to manage font distribution and use across our organization while delegating some control and freedom to our publishing groups.”

Taking some of the stress off of the Information Technology department, Universal Type Server allows various workgroup administrators to grant or remove access to workgroup fonts, effectively controlling the number of individuals who consume font licenses. The reporting and data export functionality of Universal Type Server also allows the team to gather, examine and share font usage data in an easily decipherable and searchable format.

National Geographic Society is part of Extensis’ prestigious list of global customers who are using Universal Type Server, including Condé Nast, Future Publishing, Young & Rubicam, The Art Institutes and Conair.

To explore more about how Universal Type Server can help your team maintain font compliance, see

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Today we released an update to Universal Type Server. We’ve stocked it full of new server features that we’re sure you’ll love.

The new features of version 3.1 include:

  • Improved LDAP features including workgroup and permission mapping, synchronization, services browsing and real-time focused LDAP synching
  • Kerberos single sign-on improvements
  • User management administration usability and speed improvements
  • Improved user management within workgroups
  • Ability to upload font license files to the server
  • Additional fixed issues and feature improvements

This update is free of charge for all users with current Annual Service Agreement.

Download the update.

For a complete list of updates included in this release, see the release notes on the Support page.

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The duplication of files, fonts and other data can be a huge problem for any team. Not only does it fill up storage media, it also makes it incredibly more difficult to locate what you’re looking for.

If you’ve had a creative team for very long, you will inevitably start building up a collection of fonts. Some creative teams that have been around for decades have built up massive collections of tens of thousands of them. Now, if these fonts are just stored individually on a network drive or other location, it’s quite easy to build up a massive number of duplicate font files.

One of the benefits of implementing a top quality font manager is that fonts are all stored in a central location. In Universal Type Server and Suitcase Fusion, this location is called the “Font Vault.” Only a single unique copy of a font is allowed within the Vault, effectively deduplicating the data . This means that those twelve identical copies of Helvetica that are floating around your file server would effectively be cleaned up, and only a single clean copy would remain.

While many it is fairly easy to cleanup your collection on your own, our ICS team is called in to help some groups. Some of these groups have had massive collections with no real organization to speak of, and it’s not unheard of for a over 20,000 files to be whittled down to the essential 7,000 fonts for those teams. This streamlining was accomplished through data deduplication in the Font Vault, as well as removal of corrupt and outdated fonts.

If you would like to chat with our team about how effective font management and even our ICS team can help clean up your team’s mess, please contact us.

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We’d like to bring your attention to three leading magazine publishers that are using Universal Type Server to manage and distribute fonts to their publishing groups across the globe to secure font compliance across their organizations. Washingtonian Magazine, MetroCorp and Future Publishing have selected Universal Type Server to ensure font compliance and avoid multi-million dollar font lawsuits as recently experienced by NBC

As you may know, font license agreements are just as strict as other software license agreements and come with substantial legal implications for misuse. NBC was recently served with a lawsuit for $2 Million by the Font Bureau Inc., a typographic design firm, which alleges that the network infringed the firm’s fonts in marketing material used to promote its shows.

Companies across the world rely on Universal Type Server to ensure font compliance and avoid these costly oversights.

Washingtonian Magazine, MetroCorp (publisher of Philadelphia Magazine and Boston Magazine) and Future Publishing have all recognized the benefits of a server-based solution over decentralized font management solutions in ensuring font compliance.

Ed Haynes, IT Customer Services Manager at Future Publishing states, “We publish over one hundred titles and Universal Type Server gives us consistency across all of them and provides us with font usage reporting, which is essential for us to monitor our compliance.”

As font use is a key element in the day-to-day running of these publishers, a system that ensures consistency and efficiency without inhibiting creativity is vital.

Colin McSherry, Associate Art Director/ Mac Tech Support at Philadelphia Magazine agrees, “Universal Type Server allows us to delegate a large portion of font management responsibilities to a server that monitors font compliance.”

According to Paul Chernoff, Director of Information Technology at Washingtonian Magazine “Universal Type Server makes it easy for The Washingtonian to distribute fonts used only for a specific article. Recording the font license directly in the server ensures that we don’t accidentally exceed the font’s license.”

Chernoff added, “Before we had Universal Type Server, we always bought licenses for our entire staff; Type Server has made it possible to buy fewer licenses by making font management easier.”

To learn how to keep your creative workflows safe and legal with effective font management, join Thomas Phinney (@thomasphinney), Extensis Senior Product Manager for Fonts and Typography, for this webcast recording that takes an insightful look into the world of font licensing.

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If you’re in IT at an institution of higher learning, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Educause, the nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.

This year Extensis will be participating in the Educause Expo at the annual conference, and we’d like to invite you to stop by our booth. We will be demonstrating our digital asset management and font management product lines.

If you’re interested to see how Extensis Portfolio Server can be used to manage your digital assets, or to better understand how Universal Type Server can help you maintain font compliance in your educational institution, drop by booth 353 in the Exhibit Hall and say hello!

While you’re at the booth, scan your badge for a chance to win an iPad!

We’ll be there starting with the opening reception from 4-7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 18th.

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There are quite a few new features that were added to the recent release of Universal Type Server 3.

We’ve described the new features on our What’s New page, but understand that sometimes there’s just no replacement for seeing how things work in-person.

While I would love to give each and every one of you a personal demo, that’s just not practical. So, to bridge that gap, we recorded a recent webcast where I go through each of the features in detail.

Click here to view the webcast recording.

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Meet Russell Cheung, one of the UK’s resident Extensis experts.

Russell is the UK’s Senior System Engineer and has been with Extensis for 11 years. Part of his role is to visit Extensis users and provide Professional Services ranging from optimising and configuring their UTS or Portfolio Server set-up and workflow, to training administrators and end users on the finer points of DAM and font management.

In order to give more of an insight into Professional Services and what it entails, Russell has answered a few questions for us…

What is the largest number of assets you have ever encountered?
8 million images ( and counting ) for Portfolio Server and about 80,000 fonts for UTS.

What’s a typical day like when carrying out Professional Services?

  • Arrive on site slightly early so I have time to check for any urgent emails whilst waiting at reception
  • Spend up to 30 mins with IT person and head of creative to go over objectives and process for the day
  • Check server hardware and OS environment to ensure that it meets pre-requisites
  • Install UTS or Portfolio Server software and any required third party add ons
  • Test the connection between client and server
  • Train the IT administrator on UTS / Portfolio Server administration interface and functionality. This is a chance for them to discuss detailed and specific aspects like security and performance tweaking.
  • Grab some lunch and get a chance to explore the surroundings if I’m working in somewhere like a museum or gallery.
  • Train the end users on what they need to know to use the software to full capabilities. Try and ensure that I leave their site with something that’s fully working, that they can easily build on, and that their users will have the confidence to work with.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever come across?
Hundreds of digital images of dead and diseased wild animals and farm animals all needing to be catalogued. Some poor technician had to place the corpses on the flatbed scanner.

What’s the most difficult problem you’ve ever had to resolve?
Getting through the traffic on the way home is always the hardest part!

In what kind of companies have you implemented Extensis software?
Museums, scientific bodies, charitable bodies, retail, financial bodies, and government agencies.

Why should someone invest in Extensis Professional Services?
We have extensive experience in cross platform ( Mac + Windows ) environments which really helps if an organisation has a strong Windows based IT dept but little experience with Macs, or has a lot of Macs deployed across the company but have little experience of dealing with server based applications. We also have hands on experience with desktop applications like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign so we can provide training from the perspective of the desktop users as well.

About Professional Services
Extensis’ Professional Services packages are designed to complement both our font and DAM server products and are delivered by an Extensis Certified Systems Expert. They maximise return on software investment by combining Extensis’ expertise with technology, processes, and people into an complete solution within a few days.

More information about Extensis Profesional Services

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With Universal Type Server, you have control over how fonts are downloaded and stored on the Client machines.

The three replication modes are:

  • All – where all fonts are downloaded and cached on the Client machine the first time the user connects to the server.
  • On Demand – fonts are downloaded only when necessary to preview or activate the font, and are cleared off the Client machine when no longer in use.
  • On Demand Local Cache – fonts are downloaded when required, then cached on the Client machine indefinitely.

This video describes how font replication also affects how font licenses are consumed and enforced.

See the Extensis website for more information about Universal Type Server.

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Today Apple released the latest and greatest version of their operating system, Mac OS X Lion (10.7). Now that the cat’s out of the bag, here’s the scoop on Lion compatibility with Extensis products:

[NOTE: Updated versions now available of Suitcase Fusion and Universal Type Server]

Suitcase Fusion
We plan to release a Lion compatibility update for Suitcase Fusion 3 within the next few weeks.

Universal Type Server

Universal Type Server 3 is compatible with Lion, but requires the separate installation of Java runtime because Lion no longer ships with Java pre-installed. We plan to release a Lion compatibility update for Universal Type Client 3 within the next few weeks.

Portfolio Server
The Web Client is Lion compatible, and viewing NetPublish sites from a web browser running under Lion is also compatible. We plan to release a Lion compatibility update for the Desktop Client (v10) this summer followed by a Lion compatibility update for Portfolio Server 10, NetPublish (v10) and the NetMediaMAX External Media Engine (v10) in autumn.

Portfolio Standalone
Portfolio Standalone (v8.5) users should download the v8.5.6 update.

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