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We’d like to bring your attention to three leading magazine publishers that are using Universal Type Server to manage and distribute fonts to their publishing groups across the globe to secure font compliance across their organizations. Washingtonian Magazine, MetroCorp and Future Publishing have selected Universal Type Server to ensure font compliance and avoid multi-million dollar font lawsuits as recently experienced by NBC

As you may know, font license agreements are just as strict as other software license agreements and come with substantial legal implications for misuse. NBC was recently served with a lawsuit for $2 Million by the Font Bureau Inc., a typographic design firm, which alleges that the network infringed the firm’s fonts in marketing material used to promote its shows.

Companies across the world rely on Universal Type Server to ensure font compliance and avoid these costly oversights.

Washingtonian Magazine, MetroCorp (publisher of Philadelphia Magazine and Boston Magazine) and Future Publishing have all recognized the benefits of a server-based solution over decentralized font management solutions in ensuring font compliance.

Ed Haynes, IT Customer Services Manager at Future Publishing states, “We publish over one hundred titles and Universal Type Server gives us consistency across all of them and provides us with font usage reporting, which is essential for us to monitor our compliance.”

As font use is a key element in the day-to-day running of these publishers, a system that ensures consistency and efficiency without inhibiting creativity is vital.

Colin McSherry, Associate Art Director/ Mac Tech Support at Philadelphia Magazine agrees, “Universal Type Server allows us to delegate a large portion of font management responsibilities to a server that monitors font compliance.”

According to Paul Chernoff, Director of Information Technology at Washingtonian Magazine “Universal Type Server makes it easy for The Washingtonian to distribute fonts used only for a specific article. Recording the font license directly in the server ensures that we don’t accidentally exceed the font’s license.”

Chernoff added, “Before we had Universal Type Server, we always bought licenses for our entire staff; Type Server has made it possible to buy fewer licenses by making font management easier.”

To learn how to keep your creative workflows safe and legal with effective font management, join Thomas Phinney (@thomasphinney), Extensis Senior Product Manager for Fonts and Typography, for this webcast recording that takes an insightful look into the world of font licensing.

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Last week, Jean-Michel Laurent, Extensis Country Manager for France presented a technical demonstration of Universal Type Server 3 for 30 French end users including TBWA, Lagardère Active, JWT, Marie-Claire, le Monde, Labrador, Mondadori, Louis Vuitton and l’UNESCO. Then after the Type Server technical training was completed, attendees enjoyed the famous Ladurée macaroons.

La semaine dernière, Jean-Michel Laurent, représentant Extensis en France a effectué une présentation technique sur Universal Type Server 3 devant une trentaine d’utilisateurs dont TBWA, Lagardère Active, JWT, Marie-Claire, le Monde, Labrador, Mondadori, Louis Vuitton, l’UNESCO . Après avoir découvert les fonctionnalités Universal Type Server nous avons pu déguster les célèbres macarons de Ladurée.

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Today we’re happy to announce the release of the latest upgrade to our font server, Universal Type Server® 3. With this update, we’ve focused heavily on what we’ve heard from our customers. To this end, Universal Type Server 3 focuses heavily on enabling companies to police their font usage to prevent font misuse and license infringement.

Universal Type Server centralizes an organization’s font collection into a single, secure location and delivers them to users—no matter where they are.

Some of the new features included in Universal Type Server 3 are:

Font Usage Reporting & Enforcement

Administrators can now monitor and assess the number of licenses in use for any font at any given time. Licensing restrictions can now choose how to enforce licensing restrictions, or a strict or notification-only basis.

Powerful Technology

In addition to existing automatic backup procedures, Administrators can now configure Server Failover to keep users working even in cases where catastrophic events prevent access to the primary Universal Type Server. Macintosh Client users can also now clean their machine’s font caches directly from the client application, providing font stability on all client machines.

Creative Freedom for Client Users

  • QuickMatch allows users to find similar’ fonts quickly
  • Font Snapshots provide an easy way to export a PNG preview file of a font
  • Auto-activate fonts in Adobe®CS applications including InCopy and Photoshop.
  • Create sets from selections in the Client
  • Modern user interface

Product Versions available
Universal type Server 3 is available in 3 versions: Lite, Professional and Enterprise. If you have a current annual service agreement, you will receive a free upgrade from Universal Type Server Professional 2 to Universal Type Server Professional 3, including client upgrades.

Universal Type Server Lite has an estimated retail price of US $1395, with an upgrade price of $698 US. Pricing for Professional and Enterprise editions is available from Extensis corporate sales.

For a complete list of new features and more information about the benefits of server-based font management, see

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You probably have font management needs. Most creative people love fonts, and frequently have many more than can be effectively managed without the assistance of a professional font manager.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to configure and manage font servers in a large advertising agency that is distributed across the large geographic regions with thousands of connected users and many, varying licensed font collections?

David Plavin, Applications Manager for Creative Data Servers at Publicis, manages a collection of servers that serve this demanding type of environment, and he does so through a series of Universal Type Servers that are virtualized across regionally located hardware.

Attend this webcast to find out how.

  • Tuesday, April 5, 2011
  • 11:00 AM Pacific, 2:00 Eastern
  • Duration: 1 hour, Including Q&A

During the webcast, David will discuss:

  • The history of font management at Publicis
  • How Universal Type Server meets the needs of the IT group
  • How server virtualization helps Publicis

Register for the Webcast here.

If you register, but are unable to attend, we will email you a link to a recording of the webcast.

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In the electronic era, change is inevitable. None more so than with software and operating systems.

All companies at some point in time have to deal with upgrading hardware which often, in turn means upgrading their software. For some companies, the process can be daunting since it often involves migrating over data from old software packages, installing the new software on multiple machines and training staff on how to use the new software. All of this can take time and resources away from the core business activities.

When it comes to fonts however, the basic fonts that most of our customer use regularly haven’t changed much but the software and hardware required to work with these fonts have changed dramatically. For some companies, realising that things need to move on can be a daunting experience especially if you have been reliant on the same technology for several years.

Hopefully we will provide some reassurance for those who have concerns about upgrading to Universal Type Server. So let’s delve into common fears about upgrading your font server.

Fear! – “We can’t afford to take our current font server offline!”

Fear Not! – You can run or test Universal Type Server + Portfolio Server in parallel with Suitcase Server / Font Reserve Server / legacy Portfolio Server but usually not with the same hardware.

Fear! – “I need a lot more than 30 days to evaluate this software!”

Fear Not! – Our corporate sales team would be more than happy to provide an extension to a current trial period if you need more time. Please be aware that the demo period starts from the date of installation not first usage therefore we do not recommend installing prior to taking leave or knowing that you have other priority projects that would clash with the evaluation period.

Fear! – “It’s going to take so much work to rebuild our old font sets and user groups again.”

Fear Not! – We have migration tools that can automatically extract font sets and workgroups from Suitcase Server X1 and Font Reserve Server. We can also provide advice and guidance on migrating from older server products or from our standalone font products. In regards to user accounts, these can either be imported from a tab delimited text file or better still, imported from an Active / Open Directory server and directly mapped and synchronised to a Universal Type Server workgroup.

Fear! – “We don’t have any spare computers to install Universal Type Server on right now!”

Fear Not! – If a separate machine is not immediately available for evaluation purposes you can install and evaluate our server applications on a virtual machine. Please note that although we don’t officially endorse running our applications under virtualised machines several of our largest customers have been running our applications within virtualised machines successfully for several years.

Fear! – “I don’t want to have to set up my font server again after the evaluation period is over”

Fear Not! – Migrating the font database over from a trial installation to a live server is very straightforward. You just need to use the Server Administration Web interface to create a single backup file, then copy over and restore it on your live server.

Fear! – “My IT department are suspicious about this software and don’t understand why we need this!”

Fear Not! – Universal Type Server is built with proven technology. It uses JBoss and Jetty web applications for it’s server web management and user management interface which means you can configure and manage most of the server from any Flash enabled web browser. No desktop software is required to perform server administration duties like log checking or backup and restore operations.

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If your organization struggles with any of the following font issues, you’ll benefit from learning more about server-based font management:

  • Keeping fonts on multiple machines in synchronization
  • Ensuring that you have purchased the appropriate number of font licenses
  • Keeping unlicensed fonts from entering your workflow
  • Remotely managing user access to font assets
  • Ensuring that both Mac and Windows users have the right fonts

Attend this HOW DesignCast to find out how a font server can address the needs of your team.

  • February 8, 2011
  • 1:00 PM (Pacific) / 4:00 PM (Eastern)
  • Duration: 1 hour, including Q & A

Register for the DesignCast Today

A recorded webcast will be emailed to you if you register but can’t attend.

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Later this week, we will be exhibiting and presenting at Media Pro, the unique event for those involved in the creation, production, procurement and distribution of media and marketing communications.

We’ll be presenting a digital asset management case study and best practices session. You’ll see how BB Printing, a UK-based commercial printer uses Portfolio Server, to create an easily accessible and searchable catalog with thousands of digital files.

Presentation Agenda:
• 4th November: 10:45 – 11:15, Apple Solution Expert Theatre
• 5th November: 11:00 – 11:45, Apple Solution Expert Theatre

Also, be sure to drop by the Extensis stand (24), where we will be demonstrating both Portfolio Server and Universal Type Server. We’ll also be on hand to answer any font or digital asset management questions.

Media Pro:

  • 4-5th November
  • Old Billingsgate, London
  • Further details

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    Universal Type Server is compatible with Windows 7 and Snow LeopardToday we released an update to our server-based font management solution, Universal Type Server.

    This update includes:

    • Deeper font compliance management: administrator can see who added which font to which workgroup and reverse those actions.
    • Active Directory flexibility: administrator can now exclude individual users from distribution group mappings.
    • Enhanced user management allows easier batch application of settings and refined filtering of users.
    • Simplified network password perfect for smaller teams (using optional LDAP bind authentication).
    • Mac OS X v 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatibility for client and server.
    • Windows 7 compatibility for Universal Type Client.
    • TrueType Collection font support.
    • Improved font corruption screening.
    • New command line scripting tool for automation and integration.
    • New optional MySQL external database module (chargeable add-on component for Universal Type Server Professional only).
    • Directory integration with Active Directory and Open Directory is now a standard feature of Universal Type Server Professional.
    • Improved overall performance of client synchronization and working with font sets.

    If you have a current annual service agreement (ASA) for server-based font management, this update is provided at no cost. If you do not have a current ASA, please contact your corporate sales representative for upgrade or purchase pricing.

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    Extensis Total Control Tour 2009

    In September and October we will be taking our newly released products, Portfolio Server 9 and Universal Type Server 2 out on the road.

    Visit us on the Extensis Total Control Tour and discover how the days of struggling through production and output issues, troubleshooting font problems and chasing down missing assets can be a thing of the past.

    If you are based in the UK or Ireland and would like to learn more about Portfolio Server 9 or Universal Type Server, our half day seminar series is a perfect opportunity for you to do so.

    Dates & Locations:

    • September 17th, Hove
    • September 22nd, London
    • September 23rd, Cheltenham
    • September 24th, Edinburgh
    • September 30th, Bristol
    • October 7th, Dublin
    • October 20th, London
    • October 28th, Norwich

    For more information or to register for the Extensis Total Control Tour, please click here.

    Campus Tech ’09

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    Campus Technology Conference 2009

    Next week I’ll be in Boston for the Campus Technology Conference to be held at the Boston Convention Center from July 27-30.  It will be my first time at this event that focuses on technologies for higher education.

    We’ll be showing our brand new solutions:

    You can find us at the Extensis booth #333.  I’ll also be giving a presentation entitled “Enhance Teaching and Improve Student Literacy with Digital Asset Management” on Wednesday, July 29 at 1:30 pm.

    Stop by and say hello.

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