Create Chaos 2008 handouts

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Thanks to all of you who visited the Extensis booth and saw our numerous presentations at Create Chaos 2008 in Orlando two weeks ago. In case there were any sessions that you missed, the organizers have put up a number of the session hand-outs on the event site here.

In case you missed one of the Extensis-sponsored sessions, here are the handouts that were included in our sessions.

Once again, thanks for visiting our booth, and we look forward to seeing you at a future event.

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As promised last week, you can now view the webcast Les Barker from the World Bank and I did a couple of weeks ago.  The topic was Digital Asset Management in Print and Publishing, and during the webcast, we had a Case Study from the World Bank and a DAM Best Practices presentation.

You can view it by going to

Here’s also a nice picture of the event we held at The World Bank headquarters last Thursday.  Thank you all who attended and made the forum so successful.

Extensis DAM Forum

Extensis DAM Forum

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Yesterday was a great day.  I was conducting a forum on DAM for Printing and Publishing in Washington DC.  The event was held at The World Bank, and we had a great response from a group of enthusiastic professionals mostly in the printing and publishing industry.

The purpose of the event was to discuss digital asset management strategies and solutions.  We also promoted the idea of creating a DAM user group in the DC area, where people familiar with DAM would network and share best practices in a more frequent basis. The agenda included a Case Study from the World Bank, roundtable discussions, a DAM Best Practices presentation, and DAM Workflow discussion.

I had the pleasure of working with our host, Les Barker, Senior Information Officer for the World Bank, and he was phenomenal.  His presentation covered how The World Bank discovered their need for a DAM solution, what their pain points were, their research phase, their implementation of Extensis’ Portfolio Server, and their future goals.  Attendees enjoyed his expertise and knowledge, and got an opportunity to ask him many questions.

After The World Bank Case Study, we broke out in roundtable discussions, where IT and creative professionals from small and large organizations discussed topics such as:  (1) Integrating DAM with your current workflow, (2) Implementing DAM across multiple departments, (3) Finding the right DAM solution.  We gathered each table’s main take-aways and shared them with the entire group, which allowed everyone in the room to learn from others. Many of the key findings were also covered in the DAM Best Practices presentation that I gave, which follows some of the information we outline in the Digital Asset Management Best Practices Guide.

To conclude our day we had our very own, James Grace, show the Portfolio Server solution in action.  James is a Senior Systems Engineer here at Extensis and he’s just adored by all of the customers he has worked with.  Being out in the field helping customers with their DAM implementations, he had some really great real-world examples to share with attendees.  Among the things he showed was how to distribute digital assets to a variety of audiences via a web browser, using Portfolio NetPublish.  He also demonstrated how to take advantage of XMP panels to enter metadata that is specific to your needs.  It’s all about the metadata!

If you would like to learn more about Portfolio Server, we also have an upcoming live webcast on October 7 at 11 am Pacific — click here to register.

Thank you, Les, for hosting us at your offices.  And thank you to Marisela, Pete and James for your help in organizing this informative event.

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Curious about which fonts come with Adobe CS4? Adobe Product Manager for Fonts and Global Typography, Thomas Phinney, posted a complete list of the fonts that will be installed with the products after they are released.

Of note is the removal of a number of fonts. Arno Pro, Bickham Script Pro and Garamond Premier Pro that were previously included with CS3 were removed, as well as Bernhard Modern Std and Caflisch Script Pro from InDesign.

Admittedly, the list of included fonts is still fairly long, though it seems unfortunate to remove such a great script font like Bickham Script. I must admit that it’s one of my favorite script faces.

Check out Thomas’ blog, Typblography for the complete list.

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Great graphic designers know that having a ton of fonts isn’t very helpful unless that you can find, test and use the one that you want, when you want it. Suitcase Fusion 2 has been designed to make it easy for creative users to do just that.

If you’ve got a document that needs a good typeface for the headline, having a preview that lists out all of the characters from A to Z isn’t always helpful when choosing a font. That’s why Suitcase Fusion includes a feature called QuickType. To see how your headline will look in multiple typefaces, simply select a few fonts from the fonts pane, enter some custom text into the QuickType field, and then drag the type size slider to general size. It’s quick, easy and fun to locate just the right font.

If you need more flexibility, why not tear off a floating preview? This feature allows you to drag a font preview right out of the user interface that floats above all other windows. You can even use QuickType and the size slider to customize the floating preview after you’ve torn it off of the Suitcase Fusion main window!

Stay tuned to the blog and Extensis website for more news about the upcoming release of Suitcase Fusion 2.

Design Goes Mainstream

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I saw a post over at the How Design Blog which asked a question I don’t feel qualified to answer, but I think is a valid question: Is it me, or is there a lot of design humor floating around the interwebs these days?*

I don’t feel qualified because between all my non-work time spent online and the work time I spend looking at design blogs I think I see a lot more design related bits on the Web than most people do. So if you are someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time prowling design blogs for cool things, are you seeing more of them online?

I think I’ve seen more offline as well, there’s that commercial where the woman pulls a faucet out of her bag and says “design a house around this”, that Font Conference video I saw everywhere, and the attention Obama’s campaign font got, not to mention the blog I linked to is the blog for a documentary about a FONT and it got a fair amount of attention on release (not just from us).

Are people really becoming more aware of design and how it affects them? I know I am but I know part of it is from talking to designers a lot and going to conferences where I am surrounded by creative people. Is it really something to take notice of, or is it just that the circle of design-y folks is really that big?

*That post linked to a video that I embedded below. It made me chuckle. Enjoy.

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X-Ray Universal Type Server Review

If you are a QuarkXPress enthusiast, you are probably already familiar with X-Ray Magazine, it’s a cornucopia of information for desktop-publishing, design and printing experts.

X-Ray Magazine recently completed a very comprehensive review of Universal Type Server and posted it on their site. If you’re interested to see what others have to say about our newest solution, swing on over for a deeper understanding of how Universal Type Server can solve your Server-based font management issues. Universal Type Server: When 1+1=3

Fireworks Typography

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Huge tower of fireworks at a stand in Vancouver WashingtonPeople in the US love their fireworks on July 4th. For some that means going to a professional fireworks show, yet others prefer to take the risk and create their own show. I happen to fall in the later category (ask any of my friends) and have a good time selecting and creating my own fireworks display.

Since it can be difficult to determine what the actual firework will look like when it’s lit, firework companies tend to make the packaging as out there as possible to draw people to their product. This includes some pretty “interesting” product names and use of typography.

I stopped by a stand in Vancouver, Washington last week to check out what was available – and it was quite an experience. Check out the tower of Roman Candles to the right – it must be about 25 feet high!

Here’s just a selection of the many flammable products. I think that the snowboarding penguin is my favorite. Nothing says “Happy Independence Day” like a flaming penguin!

Penguins and fireworks - a match made in heaven

I wonder if the band Deep Purple was consulted over this one?

I think of 80s heavy metal bands when I see High VoltageI bet that the Twitter Glitter sounds nothing like a songbird

Megatron 3 was the third in the series

Minefield was one of the many military themed fireworks

Apparently at Redneck Parties we burn down the house

Totally Jacked is from the makers of \'Pro\' - somehow I\'m not comforted

Yes, you can buy flaming happiness!

Not Halloween yet, but scary stuff was about a foot tall

The triple whammy looks a bit like a castle

More heavy metal looking type here

The Big Finish is over a foot in diameter - that\'s big.

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Wallpaper from I Love TypographyIt isn’t like it’s a new site to me, but somehow in the last couple of weeks I’ve had three or four conversations that led me to I Love Typography, so I’ve ended up there through a number of factors and since I know it but don’t really hang out there, I hadn’t read everything on it. I checked out a couple of things listed in the Articles area and one that caught my eye was 15 Excellent Examples Of Web Typography. I read this and though it was interesting, but as a “but why?” sort of person, I was actually even more interested in Part Two, titled Under The Bonnet. This article discusses the site A List Apart, which IS a site I have spent a lot of time on reading about design and, ages ago, learning anything at all about putting things on the web. What I like about A List Apart the most is that they give me the why as well as the “this is good” part. Don’t just tell me something is pretty or useful, tell me how it got that way so I can build things better myself. (note: This is why my favorite cooking show is Good Eats-he tells me why!)

As a person full of the “why?” and the “what for?” (that’s how my grandfather used to describe me), I love reading things like this, and I wish everybody else did too so more sites (or newspapers or brochures) that look well put together and more like something I want to read, not like the person doing the designing was not a designer but the only person in the company who’d read an Illustrator book.

What’s your favorite how-to site?

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Adobe CS4 beta buildsIf you’re in the mood to check out the future developments of creative applications, take a moment to check out three new beta builds that are forthcoming for Adobe Creative Suite 4. Adobe has made available builds of Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth.

Of course, since they are beta builds, you might run into some performance issues, but that’s the payment for using the most cutting edge technology. Beta builds run for 48 hours for all users, yet if you’re a current CS3 user the beta builds will run until CS4 is officially released.

Head on over to the Adobe Labs site to download your copy.

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