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We’ve seen a lot of new interest in font management and digital asset management solutions and services in the Central United States, so I’m happy to share that we’ve added some new folks to region.

Led by Michael Liwanag, Regional Business Manager, and Matthew Nelson, Systems Engineer, the team has an extensive background bringing technical solutions to IT and creative professionals.

Based in in Chicago, IL, the team serves Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Manitoba (Canada), Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

So, you ask, “What’s in it for me?” Well, let me tell ya.

By building up our team in the central US, we can provide more prompt and affordable professional services and better customer services. You’ll be up and running more quickly and affordably than ever before.

To learn more about Extensis font management and digital asset management solutions, contact our corporate sales team.


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Today we’re pre-announcing an upcoming v10.2 update to Portfolio Server which will include an application programming interface (API), support for searching OCR layers in PDFs, and support for additional video codecs.

To learn more about the update visit or check out our press release, and post any comments or questions in the comments section below.

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We’d like to bring your attention to three leading magazine publishers that are using Universal Type Server to manage and distribute fonts to their publishing groups across the globe to secure font compliance across their organizations. Washingtonian Magazine, MetroCorp and Future Publishing have selected Universal Type Server to ensure font compliance and avoid multi-million dollar font lawsuits as recently experienced by NBC

As you may know, font license agreements are just as strict as other software license agreements and come with substantial legal implications for misuse. NBC was recently served with a lawsuit for $2 Million by the Font Bureau Inc., a typographic design firm, which alleges that the network infringed the firm’s fonts in marketing material used to promote its shows.

Companies across the world rely on Universal Type Server to ensure font compliance and avoid these costly oversights.

Washingtonian Magazine, MetroCorp (publisher of Philadelphia Magazine and Boston Magazine) and Future Publishing have all recognized the benefits of a server-based solution over decentralized font management solutions in ensuring font compliance.

Ed Haynes, IT Customer Services Manager at Future Publishing states, “We publish over one hundred titles and Universal Type Server gives us consistency across all of them and provides us with font usage reporting, which is essential for us to monitor our compliance.”

As font use is a key element in the day-to-day running of these publishers, a system that ensures consistency and efficiency without inhibiting creativity is vital.

Colin McSherry, Associate Art Director/ Mac Tech Support at Philadelphia Magazine agrees, “Universal Type Server allows us to delegate a large portion of font management responsibilities to a server that monitors font compliance.”

According to Paul Chernoff, Director of Information Technology at Washingtonian Magazine “Universal Type Server makes it easy for The Washingtonian to distribute fonts used only for a specific article. Recording the font license directly in the server ensures that we don’t accidentally exceed the font’s license.”

Chernoff added, “Before we had Universal Type Server, we always bought licenses for our entire staff; Type Server has made it possible to buy fewer licenses by making font management easier.”

To learn how to keep your creative workflows safe and legal with effective font management, join Thomas Phinney (@thomasphinney), Extensis Senior Product Manager for Fonts and Typography, for this webcast recording that takes an insightful look into the world of font licensing.

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It’s been less than a year since the last release of Portfolio Server, but the development team at Extensis has been hard at work and today we’re introducing the latest version of our digital asset management software Portfolio Server 10!

Catalog Anything. Find Everything.

Portfolio Server has always been about quickly finding the right files, and in version 10 it’s all about finding any type of file from anywhere. Portfolio Server now has comprehensive support for video files and a new Tablet template for NetPublish that’s optimized for the iPad. We’ve also made the easiest DAM software available even easier to use with custom views in the web client, a new batch find feature for searching for a list of values, and a fast create PDF contact sheet option.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Cataloging thousands or millions of files can take some time, and if you add video to the mix processing takes even longer. That’s why one area we focused on was performance. Portfolio Server 10 processes files faster than ever before with an optimized media engine meaning you can catalog files, batch convert, rename, generate PDF contact sheets, and embed metadata in record time. And if you’re looking for seriously high-performance speed, check out the new NetMediaMAX which uses the computing power of multiple computers to form a media engine cluster (think “DAM supercomputer” built out of 2 or more inexpensive computers).

Admiration for Administration

Power users and IT pros will love the powerful yet simple administration options we’ve added. Support for Active Directory and Open Directory makes the system easier to administer in corporate environments. You can take greater control of the visual representation of files by applying custom thumbnails and preview images for any file. There’s also a new permission to allow Editor and Reader level users to download alternative formats via the presets menu while restricting access to high-res originals.


If you’re a current ASA subscriber for Portfolio Server you’ll receive your serial numbers and download links for version 10 in a few days. We also offer upgrade pricing from past versions of Portfolio Server – just contact us for more info.

For more information on Portfolio Server 10 head over to the Portfolio Server page, check out the “what’s new” page, or read our press release.

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We are happy to let you know that two of the leading worldwide marketing agencies have implemented Universal Type Server to centralize and manage font use across multiple workgroups, offices and divisions.

Young & Rubicam and McCann Worldgroup, both worldwide marketing agency leaders with expansive creative teams, incorporate fonts into their work for some of the most elite global brands. Both agencies selected Universal Type Server for its superior capabilities in managing font compliance, synchronization of teams, cross-platform capabilities and proven track record in increasing efficiencies for IT staff and creative users.

With 186 offices in 90 countries, Young & Rubicam manages a high volume of fonts, as new versions arrive daily from their hundreds of customers. They replaced their multiple font repositories with Universal Type Server to better manage license usage and improve font conflict issues. Young & Rubicam achieved a conflict-free font workflow with only approved and uncorrupted fonts.

“Young & Rubicam deployed Universal Type Server as we sought a simplified way to manage fonts and ensure all of our creative users were using the same versions,” said Herman Brown – VP, Director of Technologies, Young & Rubicam. “Universal Type Server not only standardizes the way our team is using fonts, but has increased consistency and efficiency by providing a single location where our creative users can quickly access them with no question as to whether they are the right versions.”

McCann Worldgroup is the largest marketing agency network in the world. Their installation of Universal Type Server in McCann West standardized what had been a wide variety of font solutions in place on multiple platforms. McCann West achieved consistent use of fonts across six key divisions, while ensuring everyone was in sync and using approved fonts.

“At McCann West, Universal Type Server is used for all creative users, no matter what type of work is their specialty- print, web or broadcast,” said Seth Anderson, VP, IT Director, McCann West. “It is important for us that our solution works on both Mac OS X and Windows. Additionally, with 75 percent of our creative teams working exclusively on laptop computers, having the ability to keep mobile users in sync is incredibly important to us.”

Universal Type Server 2 brings together the highest performing, most scalable font server in the industry with outstanding client usability, a high-performing server and superior Active Directory Integration.

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Museums have artifacts, important historical assets, and all the material that go along with those for exhibition (images, background information, etc.). How do they store, sort & search it all? Portfolio Server, integrated with their Collections Management System (CMS), has proven to be an effective way of managing this daunting task.

“Collection management systems are great at managing object information and metadata, but only go so far when it comes to managing the corresponding digital images,” says Edward Smith, our Product Marketing Manager. “The National Museum of Ireland and the Portland Art Museum are great examples of how DAM works with CMS to provide a comprehensive collection information solution.”

“Search results are only as accurate as the data being searched,” said Richard Weinacht, Digital Image Technician at the National Museum of Ireland. “Portfolio Server ensures efficient image retrieval by importing data from accurate sources including file metadata and collection management system exports.”

“Portfolio Server also enables us to embed and display rights metadata, which informs staff of appropriate usage for each image,” says Maggie Hansen, Collections Information Manager at the Portland Art Museum.

Each Museum’s DAM implementation will be highlighted at an upcoming event:

DAM in Heritage and Culture 2011

  • Free Seminar hosted by Extensis
  • Customer Highlighted: National Museum of Ireland
  • Wednesday, March 23, 2011
  • 10a.m.- 6p.m.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew London

Museums and the Web Conference

  • Digital Asset Management Workshop, presented by Extensis and Portland Art Museum
  • Saturday April 9, 2011
  • 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
  • Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Congress Room

And if you have not already checked it out, but are looking for DAM information, check out the DAM Learning Center for helpful tips and tools.

*Image courtesy of the National Museum of Ireland Collections.

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From Canadian National Agencies to Local Governments in the UK, government customers are leveraging Extensis Portfolio Server and NetPublish to manage, distribute and archive digital assets.

The Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and Dundee City Council (UK) are two government agencies using Extensis’ Portfolio Server® and NetPublish® software to improve efficiency. With Extensis solutions, less time is spent trying to locate, manage, share and archive files. Extensis’ DAM solutions have streamlined their processes, enabled self-service web distribution, helped preserve their historical records and tracked how resources are being used—an imperative for compliance.

Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC)—the agency that supports the scientific and technological needs of the Canadian Forces—turned to Extensis to help centralize and manage its ever-growing library of technical, scientific, military, and research images.

“Previously we saved multiple formats of each original file,” said James Clark, Photographer, Defence Research and Development Canada. “Now we use Portfolio Server’s built-in media engine to instantly convert files into any format as needed; reducing the amount of time we spend cataloging and converting images.”

“The system makes our work easier by ensuring that files are backed up to one location, and that everyone gets the files they need,” added Jim Clark. “Our main research centre holds our image catalog and NetPublish sites are used to automatically provide self-service distribution of approved assets to personnel.”

Dundee City Council (UK), City Development department is dedicated to creating a record of both public and private projects—from artworks, architecture and street scenes.

To support this initiative, Dundee City Council selected Extensis’ Portfolio Server to create a centralized resource for all images as well as preserve the history of each project.

“The department has been successfully storing image files using Extensis Portfolio for many years, building up catalogues of many thousands of images for a variety of different users and uses,” said John Gray, Planning Officer, Public Art, Dundee City Council. “Its flexibility allows for a visual database that can be designed, cross referenced and tagged allowing instant access and thorough searching, for different user perspectives. Portfolio deals with the great IT mystery to the uninitiated Data Asset Management, making huge numbers of images manageable.”

Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and Dundee City Council (UK) join a long list of government agencies to implement the Extensis Portfolio Server and NetPublish solutions. Others include:

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US)
  • Hampshire County Council (UK)
  • Le Conseil Général (France: L’Eure, L’Aisne, Les Vosges)
  • Canada Council for the Arts (Canada)
  • Department of Communities and Disability Services Queensland (Australia)

Learn more about Portfolio Server 9.5

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Non-profit organizations across the world continue to face economic and fundraising challenges, with increasing pressures to do more with less. Some, however, are finding innovative and affordable ways to fortify their efforts by utilizing Extensis’ digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Both the Children’s Hospital Trust (Boston) and Human Rights Campaign (Washington, D.C.) are two non-profits using Extensis’ Portfolio Server® and NetPublish® software to better leverage their marketing initiatives while improving overall efficiencies. By implementing Extensis’ DAM solutions, these organizations are now quickly developing impactful fundraising programs and improving public outreach by making photos and digital files publicly accessible. Extensis’ DAM solutions have also helped these non-profits preserve historical records and improve accountability by tracking how files and associated resources are being used, both imperatives for compliance.

Having reached the limits of its intranet portal, Children’s Hospital Trust, the philanthropic resource for Children’s Hospital Boston, required a more robust DAM solution to manage their increasing collection of photos. The organization also sought a solution that would scale with its expanding catalog of digital assets, while ensuring overall security and compliance.

“Portfolio Server was selected because of its speed, cross-platform support, and user friendly interface,” said Christopher Maddocks, Director, Information Management and Technology, Children’s Hospital Trust. “Since implementation, we’ve now moved well beyond photos. The system allows us to instantly find videos, design files, create promotional materials or locate photos for use in our fundraising programs. It also helps our communications group meet strict security and compliance requirements, while giving us an extensible platform that we can tailor to our evolving DAM needs.”

Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest LGBT civil rights organization, turned to Extensis to help centralize and manage its extensive library of digital assets, as the organization’s educational slant required quick delivery of materials to a wide audience.

“Previously, locating digital media for our magazines, publications, and retail stores required looking in multiple places throughout our network. Now that we’ve implemented Portfolio Server, everyone can quickly find what they need by looking in one place,” said Sascha Heller, Senior Applications Systems Analyst, Human Rights Campaign. “A big part of what we do is educational, media and member outreach, and Portfolio Server helps us quickly deliver our message to a wide audience. With the click of a button our marketing and retail departments can automatically publish materials to a self-service web portal that is accessible by our staff and external partners.”

The Children’s Hospital Trust and Human Rights Campaign join a long list of non-profit and charitable organizations to implement the Extensis Portfolio DAM solution. Others include: The National Wildlife Federation, Christian Aid, Comic Relief, National Gallery of Art, The National Gallery of London, and The Sydney Opera House.

Extensis works with a wide variety of non-profit and for profit customers, and offers discounts for non-profit, government and educational institutions. To learn more about customers using Extensis’ solutions, visit

Learn more about Portfolio Server 9.5 here.

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Portfolio NetMediaMAX

Today we released Portfolio NetMediaMAX, an entirely new add-on for the our digital asset management solution, Portfolio Server 9. This media-processing add-on allows digital imaging professionals to automate their media workflows for increased productivity and workflow efficiency in high-output creative and image-intensive environments.

Designers and marketers spend significant time performing repetitive production tasks as part of their imaging workflow. The NetMediaMAX add-on can automate these repetitive tasks for faster production. Complex export operations no longer require users to locate, download and process files in multiple applications. With NetMediaMAX these tasks are offloaded to Portfolio Server so that users can spend more time on their core tasks, translating into faster output and profits for organizations.

“We have heard from many of our customers that their creative teams spend too much time doing repetitive, non-value added activities,” says Martin Stein, VP of Products and Services at Extensis. “NetMediaMAX is designed to automate manual processes, eliminate routine tasks, create consistency and standardize processes, resulting in individuals focusing back on their creative tasks.”

Converting batches of images into derivatives for use on the Web and in print can take many hours. With NetMediaMAX, which offers graphical tools to simplify processing tasks, file conversions are created on the fly for faster output. Presets can be utilized to accomplish common batch-processing operations—such as file resizing and format conversion—to ensure standardization and eliminate errors.

NetMediaMAX Highlights:

  • Automates repetitive image production tasks
  • Increases efficiency, quality and output
  • On-demand generation of digital assets
  • Download files and ‘save as’ many file types you choose- on the fly
  • Batch-convert images and other files into any standard format
  • Utilizes MediaScript™, an open, standards-based scripting language to automate and customize for many different workflow needs
  • Publish web portals that allow users to download files in a variety of file types
  • Distributed processing for high-volume environments with multiple media engines

NetMediaMAX is built on the Portfolio Server platform that provides support for Windows® and Macintosh® environments and utilizes server-side processing, freeing up desktops from media-processing tasks. The MediaRich® technology inside NetMediaMAX provides organizations with heavy workloads the ability to process media-related tasks dynamically and automatically, saving significant time and manual effort. Organizations can distribute media-processing tasks to one or more external servers for even faster performance.

NetMediaMAX provides support for a wide range of image file formats. Users can convert to the most popular file types such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TGA, BMP, PDF and EPS.

For enhanced capabilities, IT professionals can create limitless customizations by enabling custom scripts to automate steps such as transferring multiple digital assets, updating metadata, building composite logos, colorizing, resizing and more. NetMediaMAX comes with sample scripts to get you started. Scripts can be easily customized using MediaScript, Equilibrium’s easy-to-learn ECMAScript-based scripting language (like JavaScript) that is uniquely designed for media-processing environments.

For more information, see

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Equilibrium logoToday Equilibrium announced the integration of MediaRich technology into our Extensis Portfolio Server digital asset management solution.

MediaRich technology provides Portfolio Server many benefits, including a new metadata architecture, resulting in extensive file format support that allows users to catalog and thumbnail virtually any file.

The complete list of file formats supported by Portfolio Server has been expanded and now includes most file types that are critical to creative workflows.

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