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It’s here! The newly (re)versioned Portfolio is packed with new features that promote shared content development and teamwork. Ever wish you had a time machine so you could travel back to get a previous version of a file? Portfolio 2016 is your gateway! Struggle to coordinate edits among teammates during the creation process? Portfolio’s check-in/check-out will put an end to the mayhem that ensues with simultaneous changes. Try it for 45 days – on us, and read on to see how Portfolio 2016 will turbocharge your workflow.Portfolio 2016: Turbocharging Digital Asset Management


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With the explosion of digital assets and media over the past decade, companies struggle with how to keep files organized, accessible, and properly managed. More files means more inefficiencies in the form of lost time and money spent trying to find them.


The Ultimate Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Has Arrived: Introducing Extensis Portfolio

Introducing Extensis Portfolio


Our newest release of Extensis Portfolio™ couldn’t come at a better time. In the words of our esteemed Product Manager of Digital Asset Management Solutions, Maxwell Mabe, “This is the most significant update to Portfolio since its inception, addressing core DAM functionality with an emphasis on workflow and user experience.” Built for collections of up to 10 million assets, Portfolio gets them organized into a meaningful, usable collection, and lets you find what you need, fast. Continue Reading »

NetPublish Overview Video

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Extensis Portfolio NetPublish makes the right files available to the right people automatically. This video provides an overview of the NetPublish solution pack available for Portfolio Server.

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Extensis Portfolio Server is digital asset management software that’s easy to setup and use. This video provides an overview of Portfolio Server, NetPublish and NetMediaMAX.

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Join us for a webcast about Australian video production agency 50 Kaliber Films who is using Portfolio Server to manage media assets for Ford, BHP Billiton, Oakley, and Beijing Olympic Games.

Chief Technology Officer at 50 Kaliber Films, Evan Butson, will present on how he helped his company and clients save time by migrating to an open and scalable digital asset management system.

Learn how Evan used DAM to:

  • Implement a searchable catalog of 20,000 video assets
  • Migrate from Final Cut Server to a platform-independent system
  • Track rights management and consent information
  • Scale beyond video file management with images, PDFs and other file types

Following the presentation, Evan will be available for a live Q&A session. Join us to see how Portfolio Server can help you save time and money.

North America
December 13, 2011
1:00 PM (Pacific) / 4:00 PM (Eastern)
Duration: 1 hour, including Q & A

December 14, 2011
9:00 AM (GMT)
Duration: 1 hour, including Q & A

(A recorded webcast will be emailed to you if you register but can’t attend.)

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From Canadian National Agencies to Local Governments in the UK, government customers are leveraging Extensis Portfolio Server and NetPublish to manage, distribute and archive digital assets.

The Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and Dundee City Council (UK) are two government agencies using Extensis’ Portfolio Server® and NetPublish® software to improve efficiency. With Extensis solutions, less time is spent trying to locate, manage, share and archive files. Extensis’ DAM solutions have streamlined their processes, enabled self-service web distribution, helped preserve their historical records and tracked how resources are being used—an imperative for compliance.

Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC)—the agency that supports the scientific and technological needs of the Canadian Forces—turned to Extensis to help centralize and manage its ever-growing library of technical, scientific, military, and research images.

“Previously we saved multiple formats of each original file,” said James Clark, Photographer, Defence Research and Development Canada. “Now we use Portfolio Server’s built-in media engine to instantly convert files into any format as needed; reducing the amount of time we spend cataloging and converting images.”

“The system makes our work easier by ensuring that files are backed up to one location, and that everyone gets the files they need,” added Jim Clark. “Our main research centre holds our image catalog and NetPublish sites are used to automatically provide self-service distribution of approved assets to personnel.”

Dundee City Council (UK), City Development department is dedicated to creating a record of both public and private projects—from artworks, architecture and street scenes.

To support this initiative, Dundee City Council selected Extensis’ Portfolio Server to create a centralized resource for all images as well as preserve the history of each project.

“The department has been successfully storing image files using Extensis Portfolio for many years, building up catalogues of many thousands of images for a variety of different users and uses,” said John Gray, Planning Officer, Public Art, Dundee City Council. “Its flexibility allows for a visual database that can be designed, cross referenced and tagged allowing instant access and thorough searching, for different user perspectives. Portfolio deals with the great IT mystery to the uninitiated Data Asset Management, making huge numbers of images manageable.”

Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and Dundee City Council (UK) join a long list of government agencies to implement the Extensis Portfolio Server and NetPublish solutions. Others include:

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US)
  • Hampshire County Council (UK)
  • Le Conseil Général (France: L’Eure, L’Aisne, Les Vosges)
  • Canada Council for the Arts (Canada)
  • Department of Communities and Disability Services Queensland (Australia)

Learn more about Portfolio Server 9.5

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Non-profit organizations across the world continue to face economic and fundraising challenges, with increasing pressures to do more with less. Some, however, are finding innovative and affordable ways to fortify their efforts by utilizing Extensis’ digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Both the Children’s Hospital Trust (Boston) and Human Rights Campaign (Washington, D.C.) are two non-profits using Extensis’ Portfolio Server® and NetPublish® software to better leverage their marketing initiatives while improving overall efficiencies. By implementing Extensis’ DAM solutions, these organizations are now quickly developing impactful fundraising programs and improving public outreach by making photos and digital files publicly accessible. Extensis’ DAM solutions have also helped these non-profits preserve historical records and improve accountability by tracking how files and associated resources are being used, both imperatives for compliance.

Having reached the limits of its intranet portal, Children’s Hospital Trust, the philanthropic resource for Children’s Hospital Boston, required a more robust DAM solution to manage their increasing collection of photos. The organization also sought a solution that would scale with its expanding catalog of digital assets, while ensuring overall security and compliance.

“Portfolio Server was selected because of its speed, cross-platform support, and user friendly interface,” said Christopher Maddocks, Director, Information Management and Technology, Children’s Hospital Trust. “Since implementation, we’ve now moved well beyond photos. The system allows us to instantly find videos, design files, create promotional materials or locate photos for use in our fundraising programs. It also helps our communications group meet strict security and compliance requirements, while giving us an extensible platform that we can tailor to our evolving DAM needs.”

Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest LGBT civil rights organization, turned to Extensis to help centralize and manage its extensive library of digital assets, as the organization’s educational slant required quick delivery of materials to a wide audience.

“Previously, locating digital media for our magazines, publications, and retail stores required looking in multiple places throughout our network. Now that we’ve implemented Portfolio Server, everyone can quickly find what they need by looking in one place,” said Sascha Heller, Senior Applications Systems Analyst, Human Rights Campaign. “A big part of what we do is educational, media and member outreach, and Portfolio Server helps us quickly deliver our message to a wide audience. With the click of a button our marketing and retail departments can automatically publish materials to a self-service web portal that is accessible by our staff and external partners.”

The Children’s Hospital Trust and Human Rights Campaign join a long list of non-profit and charitable organizations to implement the Extensis Portfolio DAM solution. Others include: The National Wildlife Federation, Christian Aid, Comic Relief, National Gallery of Art, The National Gallery of London, and The Sydney Opera House.

Extensis works with a wide variety of non-profit and for profit customers, and offers discounts for non-profit, government and educational institutions. To learn more about customers using Extensis’ solutions, visit

Learn more about Portfolio Server 9.5 here.

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Today we released a free v9.5.3 update for Portfolio Server 9.5 and Portfolio Studio users. The new version includes:

  • Server administration shortcut: A desktop shortcut that will open a new browser window and load the Portfolio Server administration application. The shortcut will continue to work correctly even if you change the port that the administration application uses.
  • Server improvements: Improved thumbnail and preview generation and metadata handling.
  • Web client improvements: Added download progress, option to delete all items, metadata display, previewing, and handling offline files.

The 9.5.3 update is available for all components including the Server and Desktop Client, as well as the NetPublish and NetMediaMAX add-ons for Portfolio Server 9.5.

Don’t use Portfolio as your digital asset management system? Request a free 30 day trial serial code for Portfolio Server 9.5 (for workgroups and the enterprise) or Portfolio Studio (for small teams).

Download the v9.5.3 update and release notes

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webcast-_P9In case you missed the recent digital asset management forum in Washington D.C., we are hosting an encore webcast of the keynote presentation on October 6th.

Attend this webcast to:

  • Learn how the National Wildlife Federation manages internal requests for the thousands of rights managed or royalty-free images in their collection.
  • See how the National Wildlife Federation successfully uses a central repository for raw materials to quickly and easily access images for brochures, PPT, and other marketing materials.
  • Understand how to create a simple self-service portal to identify a physical location of where non-digital audio and video clips are stored.


  • Featured Speaker: Karen Hignite, Records Management Manager at The National Wildlife Federation (NWF). Karen is part of the IT group that supports the National Wildlife Federation’s 18 departments, 11 regional centers and National Advocacy Center.
  • Date: Tuesday, October 6th.
  • Time: 11:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time
  • Cost: FREE

Click here to register for this event.

Karen Hignite will be available after the presentation for a live Q&A session along with host, Cindy Valladares, digital asset manager expert and Extensis Product Marketing Manager.

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A couple of weeks ago we traveled to the nation’s capital for our latest Digital Asset Management forum. In this instance, our feature speaker was Karen Hignite, Records Management Manager at The National Wildlife Federation (NWF).  Karen is part of the IT group, supporting 18 departments, 11 regional centers and the National Advocacy Center.  Her role is to manage over 40,000 images currently available in Portfolio, upload assets, apply metadata, clear permissions and track usage, negotiate contracts and train internal staff.

They have three main catalogs in Portfolio:  one for rights managed imagery, another one for royalty-free, and a third one is a customized video library.  This last one is especially interesting, because it doesn’t hold the digital assets themselves, but the location of where the physical video is on a library shelf.  Some of the attendees at the forum where puzzled and asked why they utilized a DAM system like this.  Karen response was that The National Wildlife Federation has thousands of very long videos, and cannot possible afford the cost of digitizing and storing all those assets, but they needed a way to quickly search and easily find them.

Internal teams search the other two catalogs, rights managed and royalty-free, for various print and marketing projects, including the publication of magazines such as Ranger Rick, International Wildlife, Your Big Backyard and Wild Animal Baby.  As Karen describes, their first step in their workflow is to search for existing assets by going to the Portfolio Server digital asset management system.  If NWF does not own the appropriate image, they would purchase or request a donation, and once a legal contract has been signed, the image goes to Portfolio Server so that it can later be used and repurposed.

If you would like to find out more about how the National Wildlife Federation created this one-stop shop for digital assets, Karen will be sharing this presentation in our upcoming webcast on October 6th. Please join us.

In addition, please plan to attend our next DAM forum at the Seattle Art Museum, on October 14th.  We would love to have you join us for this event that features a case study by Luis Antezana at Methodologie, a communications strategy firm with clients such as The Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft and Seattle’s Children Hospital.  He’ll be talking about how to utilize DAM in creative and marketing environments, and how to distribute assets to internal and external teams.  Event is free, so register today!

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